Your Ultimate Guide to Social Media Ad Campaigns

25 June 2019

Digital Eagles have developed your ultimate guide to social media marketing campaigns. Below you will find everything you need to know about reaching your target audience, increasing traffic and driving conversions using social media ad campaigns.  

Social media advertising reaches audiences in an effective, impactful and low-cost way. This is the reason they have become so effective for businesses across the world.

Read on to gain an ultimate understanding of how to effectively market your brand on social media.

What is a Social Media Advertising Campaign?

A social media advertising campaigns is a company’s coordinated marketing effort to reinforce information (about a product, service or brand) using at least one social media platform. These marketing campaigns are strategically focused, have measurable outcomes, and influence social media users to act or feel a certain way.

How to Create Social Media Marketing Goals

When producing social media advertising campaigns, you should keep specific goals in mind to ensure your efforts are as effective as possible. Consider the following goals when developing social media marketing campaigns.

Improve Brand Awareness

Your company can improve its brand awareness through social media by posting your campaigns to a range of platforms. You can also provide followers with incentives and use specific hashtags when sharing your content. Improving your brand awareness through social media shouldn’t have to take too long. Once you have developed a campaign plan, you should be able to create a roadmap of exactly where and when it should be posted to maintain efficiency.

Connect with Your Brand’s Audience

Connecting with your brand’s audience is vital for all types of marketing. In a modern world, where distractions are unrelenting and patience is diminished, effective marketing tactics are more imperative than ever. The good news is that social media has made it much easier to connect with potential customers wherever they are in the world.

When producing a social media advertising campaign, you want to connect with your audience both on surface level – through a “like”, comment or a follow – and on a deeper level – through a relatable piece of content that gets them to feel a certain way about your products, service or brand.

Increase Website Traffic

Social media is the perfect way to boost company website traffic. Simply inserting your website in your profile bio helps take users to your website where they can find out more about your brand or product. Customers don’t have much patience and lose interest fast. By including the URL in your bio, you will keep things simple and avoid confusion for your potential customers.

Your campaign manager can also respond to followers on social media with URLs to specific website landing pages. Adding links to your website as part of an organic post or natural conversation is an awesome way to show them you are listening to their queries. You will see a boost in website traffic.

Finally, you can just add a landing page or website URL to your actual social media post. You will increase website traffic by providing users with links to the information they need to answer their concerns and questions on their own.

For example, many Australian news stations will insert their story URLs into their social media posts. They will often post a short video, eye-catching image or catchy quote along with the URL link to the actual story. This helps increase their web traffic as well as offers the potential for “likes” and shares.

Increase Conversions

Marketers want customers to get pumped up about their brand or products. When a business can successfully do this, they will most likely see an increase in conversions. Social media campaigns are an awesome way to make people excited about your products and services because of their ability to use images, share and spread the word.

Creating a Social Media Campaign

There are a great number of ways to produce a successful social media advertising campaign. Plans are based on campaign type, industry and social media platform. Use the following tips to produce a winning social media marketing campaign.

Research Competitors

When planning your social media campaign, research the competition.

  • What companies are like yours and have successful social media accounts?
  • Are there similar companies that you know did well with their campaigns?
  • Do the companies you are reviewing generally conduct contests, live videos or giveaways?
  • Do they have solid follower engagement?

By stepping back and asking yourself these questions, you can gain a valuable understanding of what works within your industry. You will also be able to determine how you can create a unique ad campaign.

Look elsewhere for inspiration, too. If your competition isn’t using social, you have an exceptionally unique business or you’re not a fan of competitor’s campaign styles, perhaps look elsewhere for campaigns that inspire you. Determine how you can apply the elements of those campaigns such as aesthetic, engagement level and style to your unique campaign.

Craft Your Campaign Strategy

You then have to craft your campaign strategy. To determine your campaign objective, you must consider your target audience.

  1. Appeal to your target audience.

  • Who are you attempting to reach?
  • How would you classify your specified target audience?
  • What do you want your campaign to achieve for company and audience?
  • How can you produce continued engagement with your audience throughout your campaign?

Ensuring your message and content appeals to your target audience should always be your number one priority. Remember this throughout your social media advertising campaign. Don’t lose sight of who you are attempting to reach and why you are attempting to reach them?

Otherwise, your target audience might likely scroll right through your social posts or lose interest in your campaign. Unfortunately, this can all happen in a matter of seconds.

Appeal to your target audience with the following:

  • Consider Current Trends: What do people want to see these days? For example, live streaming and Instagram stories have increased in popularity. Can you incorporate these trends into your social campaign?
  • Be Informative: Make your audience want to stop and view your content. If you don’t have information worth their time, why should they bother to check your campaign or post? Provide your audience with an incentive – provide them with a giveaway that will obligate them to read your post start to finish. Furthermore, you should also tell them how to enter your giveaway comp and when you will announce the winner/s.
  • Create Compelling and Unique Visual Content: Whether it’s an edited Instagram picture or a Facebook video, you want to create compelling and entertaining visual content. Give your audience something new and exciting.
  • Engage Your Audience: Once you’ve posted, 84 per cent of customers expect companies to respond to their queries within 24 hours. If your followers leave comments, concerns or questions on your posts, you should get back to them. You will form a personal bond with your target audience that will make them loyal to your brand. You will also earn their trust.
  1. Choose Your Content Format and Type

To determine the type of content, think about why you have created this campaign. Here are some examples in which a business might produce a social media marketing campaign:

  • Milestones or special occasions
  • Holidays
  • Business partnerships
  • Giveaways or contests
  • User-generated content promotions

Consider the best content type for your brand and which platform to campaign with. For example, if your campaign contains video footage, perhaps Facebook is the place to advertise? If it contains plenty of photography, you should consider Instagram as a winning platform. If you want to release incremental snippets of information, maybe Twitter is the go?

Consider the best platform and go from there.

  1. Manage Your Results

Regardless of why you are producing a campaign, you would probably want to know the results of your campaign. To make any conclusions about the success of your campaign, you will need to use some kind of metrics to monitor and measure throughout the campaign.

A great way to do this is by using Google Analytics’ metric tracker. This kind of concrete data will provide you with the necessary information for measuring campaign success. Metrics like new followers attracted, overall campaign traffic, engagement level and changes in website traffic/sales are all available using metrics tracking tools.

Promote Your Content

You should now start sharing your campaign and promoting your content. Consider the following tactics on how to properly promote and share your content.

Promote a single message throughout the campaign

You want to promote one single message on multiple platforms using content that fits the specific platform. By consistently promoting the same message across multiple channels, your followers will hear the same information over and over again, allowing them the chance to retain your message.

In fact, marketing campaigns are most effective when their messages are repeated. Repetition creates familiarity, which harbours trust between brand, message and product and its target audience.

Balance non-promotional and promotional content

Your social followers will notice if you’re constantly bombarding them with promotional content. By balancing non-promotional and promotional content, your followers will perceive you as being more helpful and will be happy to engage with you further.

This comes down to your followers not feeling pressured or pushed into buying something. Your message is most effective if you provide your followers with promotional content that is balanced with content that is helpful and engaging.

Ensure your content is unique to your brand

Create an aesthetic for your campaign that suits your brand. You want a unique message – any person landing on your page should immediately know that it’s yours without having to read a profile. Being authentic and unique helps your business stand out. It also provides a reason to follow your brand over competitors’

Regularly engage with your audience

Regardless of the number of followers you have, you should put aside some time to answer questions, respond to feedback and “like” comments. By taking a small amount of time to engage with your customers, you are providing them a personal experience they aren’t likely to forget. These are the types of personal relationships users are looking for – ones that keep them invested in your brand.

Automate your content through scheduling software

Using scheduling software to automate your content is a great way to save you time and effort in social media marketing. Platforms like Hootsuite, Crowdfire and CoSchedule allow companies to schedule their campaign posts to well-timed effect.

Use effective live stream

By 2021, live streaming is expected to become a USD $70 billion industry, making it something you want to become a part of. With live streaming, followers can watch content in real-time anywhere in the world. This creates a unique and engaging customer experience.

Facebook Live is one of the most effective methods of streaming live content, followed by YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. You can use live streaming to update your followers as it happens, interview guests and influencers, conduct giveaways and contests or simply make followers feel personally connected to your brand.

The way you promote your content is up to you, but ensure you test and analyse the results. This way, you will understand if there are immediate changes you need to make to your campaign whilst it is live. You can also use this information for future campaigns.


Social media has made a huge impact on the marketing world. Although trends are evolving, social media is here to stay. Social media marketing campaigns are an awesome option for businesses looking to promote their content and remain relevant.

With the possibility of directly engaging with followers, significant reach and sharing your content with thousands, if not millions, of users, as well as the cost-efficient nature of the work, social media campaigns are appealing to consumers and businesses alike.

Get started on creating your unique campaign and make an impact that gets people pumped about your brand and drives sales.

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