Call to Action Element Tactics to Increase Your Website Conversions

28 October 2017

Converting your website visitors into paying customers is what every business wants to do. And one of the best ways to make sure this happens is by using a well-crafted, strategic call to action [CTA].

Maybe you’re wondering what a CTA even is. And in fact, it’s exactly what it sounds like; it’s a call for your website visitors to take action and do something that will convert them from visitors to customers.

Now we’ve got the definitions over and done with, let’s get into the most important stuff…

What makes for an effective CTA?

Typically, there are three key aspects to creating a CTA that actually converts. Try to master all three of the tactics below and see how your visitors respond…

  1. They’re easy to find

Many businesses fall into either 1 of 2 call to action traps; they do it too much or too little. You don’t want to overload your visitors with CTA’s everywhere they look, but you also don’t want to miss the chance of converting someone because you didn’t utilise a perfect opportunity to reel them in. Make your CTA stand out for all the right reasons, including the following two listed below…

  1. They appeal to consumer’s needs

It’s easy to become disheartened when you see that your site is getting a lot of visitors but barely any conversions. But it’s important to remember that everyone came to your site for a reason, so getting their attention by appealing to their needs is vital. When you remind the visitor of the value of your product or service, you are trying to appeal to something they want. You need to sell your product or service – don’t just say ‘download our eBook’. Tell them WHY they should download it. What will they get? Information on how to increase their social media following? Dozens of healthy recipes? Entice them and watch as the conversions come rolling in.

  1. They guide people to the next stage

CTA’s give people an idea of what to expect if they continue on your website. People don’t want you to waste their time, so if you make it clear that what’s on the other side is useful to them, then you’ll be more likely to convert. Your CTA needs to be action driven by getting the person to do something, such as download a product or sign up to your site. Whatever you want them to do, tell them why they should want it and what they can expect once they have it.

With this framework in place, you can learn what your visitors do and don’t want from a CTA. This could take a bit of trial and error, but with time you should be able to perfect a strategy that realty converts.

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