6 reasons why you need CRO today!

28 November 2019

Did you know that most websites only convert about 2 - 4% of their traffic? Crazy right? With increased competition in the digital marketing space, making sales and generating leads is harder than ever. This is amplified even more with websites that have issues like difficult navigation, a lack of trust in the purchasing flow or any technical fault that is reducing the ability for their visitors to achieve what they want to achieve.

With all of this in mind, Conversion Rate Optimisation is becoming more important than ever as businesses look to improve their conversions in any way they can. Here are some reasons why you need to consider reaching out for Conversion Rate Optimisation services today:


1.Rising cost of PPC - Google Ads continues to receive higher demand from businesses and due to the popularity of the platform, there is an increase in the cost per click for the keywords you target. There are still some niche industries that can get away with reasonably cheap bidding, but as a whole, Google Ads and the cost per click is rising by the day. It is even more concerning if you are paying for these clicks to come through to your website and you aren’t converting them as this is basically just throwing your money away.


Conversion Rate Optimisation is a perfect solution in this instance as you are increasing the chance of converting the existing traffic you have and while you are working away trying to optimise your PPC campaign, you will still be getting increased conversions to level things out.


2. Shortening attention span of digital audience - The attention span of the current wave of digital consumers should be art the forefront of most online businesses minds as they are starting to dictate what the standard is for online behaviour and one very obvious behaviour from this is that people want to find what they are after quickly. This puts an emphasis on how businesses market their products and allowing users to find what they need as easily as they can on the website.

This is the epitome of Conversion Rate Optimisation as we are trying to improve the way in which users interact with our website and by implementing tactics to help them get to their final decisions, we are improving the conversion rate and also improving User Experience overall.


3.Saves your business money - Let us put this bluntly to you. CRO = More $$$. It’s really simple, if you are improving your conversion rate, that means that you are getting more conversions and this will help your bottom line. The most exciting thing about this is that there is absolutely no need to worry about increasing traffic because CRO utilises the existing traffic you have to convert better, meaning that you save money trying to invest in traffic making strategies that can often eat away at your marketing budget.


4.Improvements in your website layout build trust/improve brand - When you implement CRO, the main changes come from optimising certain elements of your website, but it normally also means that you can improve the layout of the website and this is a great exercise to improve trust in your brand. Think about the last 5 websites you visited, which ones stood out to you and were clean and easy to use? Do you remember the badly designed websites that didn’t help you get to where you wanted? Of course not because it wasn’t a good experience for you and you would probably rather forget it. This is why Conversion Rate Optimisation doesn’t only always look at your conversion rate, it is also improving your perception from competitors, customers and even your staff internally.

5.The social media effect - Social media marketing has produced a lot of positives for the digital marketing industry as it has amazing targeting capabilities, can display advertising in a nice visual and engaging way and can also assist in the wider marketing funnel, but it has also caused some backlash in the mindset of people and has definitely contributed to the shortening of an audience’s attention span. With this, marketing on social media effectively has become an artform and for those who don’t get it right, you can end up driving a lot of poor quality traffic to the website and this can hurt your conversions, unless you are doing a great job in CRO and are able to convert more of the traffic into sales.


6.It’s fun! - Alright well fun might be an overexaguration, but for those who haven’t done CRO before, it is actually a really interesting thing to undertake. The reason for this is that through ABN split testing, you get to trial new elements of the website and test both the old version of the website and the new updated version of the website against 50% of you audience. It’s fascinating to see how seemingly small changes on the website can actually have a huge impact on your conversions and some of the pre-existing thgouhts you once had will be supported or completely disregarded based on the data of your tests.


If you have noticed any of the situations above or you are simply looking for a new avenue to make money, Conversion Rate Optimisation is data driven, it is effective and has been proven to work. For more information, speak to our Digital Eagle CRO Specialist in house today (add contact info).

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