Three key things to consider when looking for a new web developer or web marketing agency

5 August 2015

So you’re building a new website, or having your existing website updated? There are three key considerations to ensure you end up with a website you love that gets results.

Quality design

The designer or design team need to have a deep understanding of your target audience and be able to clearly explain how to intend on communicating your message to them. Even the best web designers will sometimes miss a crucial step of a detailed design brief, so it’s important you can communicate well with them to ensure everyone understands what’s expected of them.

With the boom of international outsourcing sites that connect web development agencies with designers and developers all over the world, it’s not surprising some design agencies outsource their design to freelance designers from all over the world with many different skill levels. This can be ok, but quality assurance is key. Make sure you ask to see or speak to the designer if you are buying local design work, and make sure you’ve seen examples of their work.

Lead optimisation 

The intention of your website is to drive more leads, and in turn, sales. If that’s not currently the case, then it should be!

Customers are busy. Really busy. If they land on your site from search engines or have been referred to your site from another site, you need to ensure that you are making the most of that potential customer.

We often find our clients put nowhere near enough focus on how well their site or landing pages are converting traffic. It’s not easy to get potential customers to call your business or fill out an online enquiry form, but there’s a lot that web designers and conversion experts can do to increase your chances.

With the right focus and strategy on placement, copy and testing, we have seen websites go from 2% conversion to over 20% conversion. The number one metric that we look for when launching a new site is whether there has been an increase in phone calls, emails or live chats.

If you don't know how to measure the success of your site see

Less is more

A simple website is a good website. The biggest design challenge is to keep things simple and ensuring your product or service stands out. Look at some of the most popular sites in the world. Apple, Google, Facebook, and the list goes on. These sites have placed huge focus on simplicity, clean images, simple navigation and not a huge amount of text.

A lot of customers have slabs of text and links on their current sites because they think that’s what clients want - it’s not. Customers want to get the message quickly. That’s not to say the information you offer isn’t valuable though, and in fact, it can be a lucrative lead generation tool. If you have information about your products or services, we can turn it into simple, downloadable files that your potential customers can download in exchange for their contact information, which in turn generates leads and more long-term business.

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