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We get Australian businesses on the first page of Google. Using search terms that grow your sales.


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Keyword Rankings

We all research products and services online before we purchase them. If your business does not have a strong position in search results, your customers will go elsewhere – primarily to your higher-ranked competitors.

Our Australian team of SEO experts work with you, reviewing your entire website from top to bottom, ensuring the right keywords are used in the right places, making sure you’re on the receiving end of the best search engine marketing in Australia.

Increase Traffic

Content marketing strategy and SEO go hand-in-hand.

Online content marketing is the process of sharing information relevant to both your target audience’s interests and the product or service you are selling. This can be through blogs, website content, video, infographics, social media and more.

The more high-quality content you’re producing, the higher you’ll rank in Google’s search results. It also has the side-benefit of positioning your expertise and authority in your particular industry.

Increase Links

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. It’s an integral part of SEO marketing.

Every high-quality website that links back to your business’ site helps improve your rank in Google’s search results because it tells Google that your website is also of high-quality.

As such, our expert team of digital specialists focus on building a network of premium, relevant websites that link back to yours.

Increase Leads

SEO Lead Generation Strategy

SEO Lead Generation Strategy is tailored for our clients are reliant on inbound leads. Our team will ensure that the keywords we are targeting are very relevant to their products or services and their key industry competitors. Digital Eagles will develop a highly detailed technical strategy to outperform the market and your competition.

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rank for keywords

Use the right keywords

Don’t focus on the wrong keyword rankings, focus on revenue. Keyword rankings and traffic are great, but if those visitors don’t convert into actual sales or bookings, it doesn’t matter. Our focus is on how much revenue and profit we can drive to your business. With the right strategy and the right reporting, it’s simple.

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What is SEO?

Think of search engine optimisation as the art of adjusting, tuning and refining bits and pieces across your website to be easily accessible to online users. In particular, this marketing method focuses on making your platform more visible across search giants, like Google. This allows your brand to access better awareness, authority and credibility – both online and offline.

When this practice is done right, your website climbs up the ladder of search results. For example, if a user inputs the query ‘digital marketing in Melbourne’ it’s likely you’ll find us right up there. That’s because we’ve worked hard at implementing both on and off-page tactics to let Google say, “Hey, these guys know what they’re talking about.” As a result, we’re given prime real estate on these results pages. If you’re lacking in leads and awareness (whether that be digitally or physically), SEO can help you gain traction.

How does SEO work?

This avenue is a long process that requires commitment and persistence. Unlike other marketing efforts, it’s not instant, but it can grant you more long-term success than any other. From refining meta tags, page titles and sitemaps, through to actioning keyword research and optimised on-page content, SEO is a step-heavy approach to digital marketing. However, because of the amount of work involved, it allows you to obtain better reach to your target audiences, and a significantly improved web presence (if your provider uses white-hat techniques).

Over time, your website will begin to rank for keywords that are relevant to your website. Adding in quality links pointing towards your target pages – otherwise known as ‘backlinks’ – you’ll see your platform begin to rise up the ranks of Google. However, the job doesn’t stop here. To keep your spot, you’ll need to constantly refresh your SEO and content to remain high up in search results.

Can you do it yourself?

While there’s plenty of DIY resources online for taking this challenge on yourself, there’s a lot of work that goes into keeping the whole thing functioning and performing well. While your campaign may seem like a few easy steps at the start, it will require hands-on maintenance around the click, in order to really reap the benefits. It’s not a set-and-forget marketing tactic, and can be a ‘needy’ field, compared to others.

Because of this, we always recommend opting for an expert in the field to conduct all of the hard yards for you. This will make sure you remain relevant, that your investment is well-utilised and that you receive the best possible results. In the end, you’ll gain better quality, more long-term results than if you were to dabble with it here and there when you’ve got time on your hands.

Increase LEADS, Sales and revenue

High conversion SEO is built for our clients that run e-commerce web platforms – using WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento or Neto. Our team have experience in running, maintaining and optimising some of the largest e-commerce platforms in Australia.

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We get Australian businesses on the first page of Google. Using search terms that grow your sales.

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We get Australian businesses on the first page of Google. Using search terms that grow your sales.


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