What is Technical SEO?

While captivating content and powerful backlinks might steal the SEO limelight, technical SEO factors are the backbone of any successful campaign. Through a variety of techniques manipulating the different types of technical SEO features, you prime your website for search engines to effortlessly crawl, index and understand its content.

Key Elements of Technical SEO

  • Website speed and load times: One of the first impressions a user gets from your website is how swiftly it loads. Compressing images, utilising browser caching, and fine-tuning server response times are all useful tactics to ensure a lightning-fast user experience.
  • Mobile optimisation and responsiveness: With a substantial portion of internet users accessing content through their smartphones, ensuring your website adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes is imperative.
  • XML sitemaps and robots.txt: Think of these as the blueprints of your site. They guide search engines through your content at a rapid speed, emphasising what needs crawling and what can be overlooked to better select your desired landing pages for search engine results pages.
  • Structured data and schema markup: This involves providing specific data about your website’s content to search engines, enhancing the richness of search results and improving click-through rates.
  • Secure and accessible: Websites that have a valid security certificate in place will have the letters ‘HTTPS’ at the start of their URL, which is another critical ranking for search engines, as they only wish to recommend reputable, safe sites in response to user queries.

Why is Technical SEO Important?

While strong backlinks will help people find your site and engaging content will help keep them on your pages, by following a comprehensive and tailored technical SEO checklist, you can find a range of benefits, including:

  • Ensuring a seamless user experience: A technically sound website ensures users can navigate easily, leading to reduced bounce rates and higher engagement.
  • Making the site easily crawlable for search engines: A well-structured site, devoid of technical glitches, ensures that search engines can effectively crawl and index its pages.
  • Direct impact on search rankings: Factors like site speed and mobile responsiveness play a direct role in how well a site ranks on search engines, not to mention the engagement levels of online visitors.
  • Preventing potential website issues and penalties: Proactive technical SEO techniques can help detect and remedy potential pitfalls, ensuring uninterrupted site performance and averting search engine penalties.

What is the difference between SEO and technical SEO?

While general SEO campaigns encompass content optimisation, link building, and online presence, technical SEO delves into the website’s backend, focusing on its structure, speed, and other foundational elements.

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