5 Last Minute Holiday Conversion Tips for E-commerce stores

7 November 2019

Christmas is fast approaching in Australia and this time of the year is often the biggest boom in e-commerce sales for any given business, so it is important to take advantage of the huge amount of traffic that’s about to pour in.

With that in mind, increasing traffic may not be the best use of your time and instead, improving your conversion rates will drive more sales and bring in more revenue over the busy period. So here are five of the best holiday conversion tips for your e-commerce website this holiday season


The top secrets for conversion rates this Christmas

  • Create amazing holiday call-to-actions: A prominent call to action on a website is sometimes overseen and can be one of the biggest reasons businesses lose out on online sales. A call to action is often either a sentence or button or sometimes even just a simple word that inspires a website visitor to take action and benefits their experience on a page.

Some of the best performing CTAs are the ones that create a sense of urgency, focus on value, use actionable wording and avoids any level of friction. Saying “Learn more” can often be a soft CTA, as opposed to something like: “Buy 1 item and get your 2nd item FREE” – which straight away sparks interest in your user and has a much more actionable tone to it.

Pro tip: Make sure your CTAs are above the fold on your website (high up the top of target pages) so that you give your audience the best chance of seeing them and improving conversions.


  • Focus on your best selling products: Now is not the time to get fancy with your product offering; stick to your hits and push your bestsellers. Often businesses are tempted to launch a new line of products or something that will reinvent the way that they sell to their customers, but this can end up being a trap as an unfamiliar product to your customers can have the counter effect. It may even lead to reduced sales and mistrust.

This also isn’t limited to just advertising your bestselling products on your website; this means you should be aiming to promote the bestsellers in any way you can, whether it be through Facebook marketing campaigns,Google Shopping, or even some paid retargeting.


  • Be proactive with shipping: Although this time of the year is excellent for sales, it is one of the most complicated when it comes to shipping items out to customers. Depending on the shipping provider you are using, lots of orders and holiday gifts won’t make it out to customers before the cut off date and this is one of the biggest conversion killers out there.


The best way to combat this is to be proactive with advertising your shipping, put some urgency around people making purchases ASAP so they get their orders delivered in time. Also offer express shipping to the across all products so that any late-comers can still get their items in time for the holiday season and the more you highlight this, the more likely it is for your audience to trust that their purchase is worthwhile.


  • Email offers to your customers: If you have an email list of existing and new customers and you haven’t sent them an update on what offers you have leading up to the holidays, you are missing out big time! People are busy and with a million things on their mind, they are more than likely going to forget that you have a sale at this time of the year. It is your job to remind them of this and sending an email is a great way to do it.

Make sure that the email content in engaging and festive to entice people to read it and always mention the discount or promotion in the header, so that your open rates reap the benefits. The best thing about email is that you can advertise multiple times leading up to your sale date, which acts as a reminder until your customers convert.


  • Create a retargeting campaign: Here’s a truth bomb for you: people will often visit your website and notbuy anything. As a matter of fact, that’s why conversion rates are so low in general.

Getting someone to complete a transaction often isn’t as easy as just clicking the product they want and buying immediately. People like to look around and like to get an idea of what their goods are going to cost, without actually completely the transaction.

This is the perfect situation for retargeting through display ads or social media to advertise to people who have already visited your website previously as they are your hottest audience for converting. Don’t be afraid to retarget that audience and provide them even more value by including a further discount on their order or adding a freebie to get them over the line! So there you have it. These five tips will help you boost those conversions leading into this busy time of the year and improve your users’ experience as well. You’ll be far more likely to encourage them to purchase from you again down the track – trust us.

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