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Explore the dynamic realm of Social Media Marketing and harness its immense potential for your brand. In this category, you’ll find insights into creating compelling social media strategies, building a strong online community, and driving engagement across platforms. Stay ahead of the ever-evolving social media landscape with expert advice and practical tips to boost your brand’s online presence.

Instagram vs. Facebook Ads: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Campaign

Choosing the right advertising platform between Instagram and Facebook can dramatically affect the success of your digital marketing campaign. Both platforms, operating under the Meta brand, offer distinct audiences and engagement opportunities tailored to different business objectives. As a specialist Instagram and Facebook ads agency in Melbourne, our team at Digital Eagles have prepared a comparative analysis of the two platforms, helping you understand where your ideal customers are more likely to engage and how you can effectively capture their attention. Instagram vs Facebook Ads: Demographics Comparison  Where are your ideal customers spending most of their time online? Knowing your audience

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Graphic showing the difference aspects of social media marketing and how they interact with each other.

Measuring Success: Key Metrics to Track in Paid Social Media Advertising

Mastering the art of paid social media advertising has become a non-negotiable task for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence and drive meaningful engagement. In this guide, our specialists at Digital Eagles delve into the key metrics that are essential for tracking the success of your paid social media campaigns. By understanding and analysing these metrics, marketers and businesses can fine-tune their strategies, optimise spending, and achieve their marketing objectives more effectively. From assessing follower growth to calculating return on ad spend, we cover the indispensable tools and techniques that will empower you to measure and maximise the impact of

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An example of a social media marketing calender on an iPad screen.

Why a Social Media Calendar is Crucial For Your Business to Grow Online

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of social media and digital marketing can be daunting, but with the right tools on hand, you can transform this challenge into a strategic advantage. Enter the social media and digital marketing calendar – not just a convenient plan, but an essential element for boosting your business’s online presence with as little hassle as possible. In this article, our team at Digital Eagles will delve into the world of the Australian social media calendar, offering insights into their role in your business and practical tips for effective rollout. We’ll also spotlight how top social media marketing agencies

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4 Social Media Marketing Trends to Look Out For In 2024

Digital and social media marketing is a fluctuating powerhouse that continues to grow, evolve, and shape the landscape of modern business. Just as you and your team come to grips with passing trends across Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, they pass by, replaced by a new concept or strategy you need to master in order to remain relevant. To assist in this endeavour, our team at Digital Eagles have compiled some of the leading trendsonline to keep an eye out for in 2024. They may help to re-organise your strategy and see someaccelerated results this year. 1. Leveraging Long Form Across Your

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Paid Vs Organic: How to Integrate Both into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social network advertising is a powerful marketing machine, but without the right experience and exposure to the platforms available, as well as keeping up with the latest trends social media channels tend to create, it can be daunting even to start developing a strategy. Throw in deciding between paid and organic strategies, and you’re left constantly scratching your head. To help you work through this maze of opportunity, our experts at Digital Eagles have compiled a comprehensive guide to offer insightful comparisons and integration tactics for both approaches. As one of the leading social media marketing agencies in Australia, we feel

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Threads Instagram Meta New Social Media App

Threads: Meta’s Instagram Launches New App to Rival Twitter

The digital stage is set for a contest amongst two of the most prominent figures in the industry. In a matter of days, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta has announced and launched a new social media app, Threads, that will be attached to Instagram accounts. Seen as a ‘microblogging’ platform, it has already drummed up a cataclysmic clamour in the social media sphere, boasting thirty million sign-ups (and counting) on its inaugural day. While the app wears a cordial smile throughout such an explosive entrance, it has one competitor clearly in sight: Twitter. So, what really is Threads? How will it change your

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How To Create Content That Is Impossible Not To Share

Determining the most shared blog post of all time is a Herculean task due to the vast and ever-evolving landscape of viral content. However, Buzzfeed stands as a prime example of mastering the art of popular posts. Since its inception, Buzzfeed has not only churned out a consistent stream of highly shared content but also revolutionized the format of list articles, a previously well-trodden territory. Take, for example, their posts like “27 Famous Actors Who Tricked You Into Thinking They’re American” and “26 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Insanely Cold It Is Across The US.” These have garnered tens of millions

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10 Visual Marketing Ideas to Implement This Year

Online marketing presents a captivating challenge. On the one hand, it’s now more accessible than ever, thanks to the enhancements in our advertising platforms. Moreover, our outreach capabilities have soared to new heights. You can effortlessly allure customers from around the globe while maintaining a localized focus, all without compromising your outcomes. Yet, there are downsides to navigating, primarily the omnipresent oversaturation across all markets. Standing out in this competitive landscape is an arduous task, demanding perpetual vigilance to maximize the potential of your campaigns. Extracting every ounce of value from a single marketing source can be taxing, even though it’s

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5 Ways To Repurposing Existing Content For Social Media

Let’s face it, a lack of time is one of the chief concerns most businesses and individuals have when using social media. This concern frequently becomes an issue when it comes to content creation. Every new social media site or channel you begin using needs a new content source to feed it. Or does it? In many cases, you can use existing content in multiple ways and via multiple tools. Here are five types of content you are probably already creating that you can reuse in new ways, along with some added strategies for even more efficiency. Our Top 5 Favorite

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Example of someone watching facebook live on their mobile phone.

How to Succeed with Facebook Live

In the dynamic world of social media, Facebook continues to reign supreme. With 2 billion daily visitors, its reach dwarfs other platforms. Brands recognize this, leveraging Facebook’s immense audience to engage billions daily. And at the forefront of this engagement? Facebook Live. Social media networks all have their special flare. Instagram has been an instant hit with a younger crowd that prefers a visual format. Why use Facebook Live? Facebook’s own metrics showcase its astounding reach, boasting 2 billion active users every single day. This isn’t about inactive profiles or sporadic monthly visits; it’s a daily engagement that dwarfs the likes of

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