Social Media 101: Top Tactics for Brand Engagement in 2019

9 July 2019

It’s no secret that social media is one of the most powerful tools for increasing brand exposure. However, simply asking your reader to follow your social media presence is not a useful technique. There are a full host of ways to utilise a social media platform, you just have to know where to start and what to do.

Digital Eagles, as one of Australia’s premier digital marketing agencies, has a detailed understanding of social media brand engagement. We develop winning strategies for businesses across the country, helping them succeed in the somewhat confusing world of social media marketing.

We have outlined 12 effective social media engagement tactics for increasing and improving your engagement with followers. Using these techniques will help you easily expand your business’s brand identity and increase your audience.


1. Post Consistently and Frequently

The first key to social media marketing is to post regularly. The more you post, the greater the engagement you will have with your audience. Most companies around the world will have some sort of social media presence. It is incredibly easy to fall behind or go unnoticed among the crowd if your business doesn’t stay active by consistently and frequently posting new and meaningful content.

If you want people to engage with your brand, then you must maintain your presence through frequent posting. As posting on social media multiple times a day can be hard, you might as well work to make it easier for yourself. You can use a range of social media tools to create social media posts across a range of platforms in advance. Social media scheduling tools are the perfect way to save you time and effort, post meaningful content and increase engagement.



How is it possible to share content more than once?

  • When publishing blogs: Share your business’s social media updates once your blog post goes live.
  • On the same day: Share your business’s content with multiple social media platforms over the course of the next few hours.
  • The day after: Continue sharing your business’s content with the necessary social media channels.
  • The follow week or month: Continue sharing your post. Pre-schedule sharing your business’s social media posts for the following week, month and further beyond.

You can share quotes, videos and conduct polls to keep your audience engaged. This not only provides your business with the opportunity to make a mark in the industry but also stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds.


2. Create and Join Forums and Groups

The roles of groups and forums in social media has increased rapidly in recent years. Numbers of groups, communities and forums on social media are increasing at a high rate and should only continue to do so. There are more than 2 million groups on LinkedIn alone. This number only greatly increases when we consider Facebook and other social media websites.

The main thing for successful marketing in groups and forums is to add to the conversation as opposed to starting it. Instead of creating a large group or advertising products, which can prove difficult to regulate, it’s imperative to create a relatively small yet active group.

Facebook has recently introduced a feature called a “sale group”. This can be of great use to a business as they have the opportunity to let people know about their company as well as the products and services offered. It also provides the business with the opportunity to sell to group-only members. An individual seller or company can become the member, display their products, sell them and start a discussion.


3. Host Q&A Sessions

The most important thing for social media marketing is to engage your audience. The greater the engagement, the more hype created. This helps a business maintain its brand at the forefront of the customers’ minds.

Question and answer sessions allow a business to hold conversations with their audience. Through this, they can identify their audience’s views about their products and services. There is a range of Q&A websites a business can utilise. Some of them include, Yahoo Answers, Quora and The Straight Dope.

A business should maintain a presence on these popular websites so they can answer a customer’s enquiries and ask their customers questions. For example, Amazon is highly present in answering customer questions across these websites. There are plenty of people who have a lot of questions that require answers. Having access to Q&A websites can offer the best solution for addressing an enquiry.


4. Utilise Social Media Tools

Technology helps businesses work more efficiently and the same goes for social media. Utilising various social media tools not only enhances a business’s social media performance but can also help a business analyse how they are performing.

There are a variety of tools which can help a business automate its social media presence and make it more efficient. Some of these tools include Everypost, Tweepe, Unmetric and many, many more.

Utilise these tools ensures that social media tactics and strategies, like the above listed, are being effectively implemented, providing greater results and helping your business establish a dominant social media presence.


5. Conduct Surveys and Polls

Surveys and polls have become vital ways to generate information about audiences. They provide a business with the opportunity to produce meaningful information as well as engage its audience.

As a marketing specialist, to attract and engage a greater audience with less effort, try using a survey. Tools like Twtpoll, SurveyMonkey and others can be of great assistance when creating a successful survey campaign.

Pizza Hut India once simply asked their audience to name a pizza. This increased customer engagement as well as providing them with names they could use for a new type of pizza: a double-win!


6. Partake in Twitter Chats

It’s not always vital for a marketer to start the conversation. Sometimes finding and partaking in the right conversation can be incredibly effective for a company.

GiONEE, a smartphone manufacturer, engaged their audience and started a conversation by asking them a contest question. This allowed them to interact with a wide audience using minimal effort.


7. Ask Your Followers to Engage

You’ll get nothing if you don’t ask for it. The same goes for engaging your audience on social media. The more power you provide your audience, the more they will be inclined to engage with your brand.

The probability of the audience engaging with your campaign increases when you provide them with a purpose for engaging. This can be in the form of simple social activity or an incentive like a cash prize. This increases the chance of audience shares, likes, retweets etc.

For example, Flipkart once repeated its #le2onFlipkart contest that asked its followers four questions and gave two free mobile phones to the winners. These rewards encourage audience participation. Not only will they participate, but you can also create a requirement to share the post, thus furthering the hype around your business.

8. Make Audience Engagement Easy

Most business’s social media accounts fail even if they shared quality content. The reason for this is the difficulty of the target audience to engage in the ongoing conversation with that business.

The core of social media is its ease in communication and connectivity. When hosting contests or sharing content on social media, businesses should bear in mind the ease of which the user can participate and engage with the content. The easier the engagement, the greater the content’s success.

The #KickForABrick campaign was an effective strategy to create audience engagement. The business asked followers to perform fun, simple tasks, like shoot videos of them playing football, tweet pictures with the #KickForABrick hashtag on it or submit photos of them making a football sketch. They were then asked to get their friends to do the same. This resulted in increased engagement for the business.


9. Respond Thoroughly and Quickly

Social media is not only a tool your business can utilise to market and promote its products, but it is also an important tool for staying in touch with current and potential followers/customers. Most customers follow businesses on a host of social media platforms in order to receive new updates about their products and services as well as to receive quick and efficient after-sales service. This wasn’t very possible for customers before the rise of social media.

Customer responses is why social media is vital for businesses. You should aim to respond to your customers not only quickly, but with the perfect amount of information. Brandwatch conducted research on social media strategies of the retail industry and found that 53 per cent of social media users expect a response within 60 minutes. However, only 12 per cent of businesses met this expectation. This shows greater room for improvement for businesses, which can be done by setting alerts, continuously monitoring and using different social media tools.


10. Share Comments and Content From Others

Shameless promoting your products and services can create a poor impression on customers. Therefore, a business should also share comments and content which might be directly or indirectly related to the products and services they offer.

It’s vital to remember that your audience may not believe what you say about yourself, your products and services. Therefore, it becomes necessary to share the comments and contents or others on your page. This makes it easier for customers to trust your brand.

For example, the Toyota Prius won Auto Express’s Green Car Award of The Year 2016. The audience may not have believed Toyota if they had made this claim themselves, but by having the award from a reputable authority, they were able to create this trust amongst customers.


11. Use Memes, Images and Animated GIFs

Tweets with images receive 18 per cent more click-throughs than tweets without images. Also, tweets with animated GIFs receive 167 per cent more click-throughs than tweets containing images. Memes add an element of humour to congested newsfeeds.

Find Memes, images and animated GIFs with the following:

  • Places like PopKey, GIPHY and reddit’s top GIFs sub-reddit have a range of animated GIFs. You can also make your own GIFs with GIPHY.
  • Use reddit’s home page for memes and images. You can use to make your own.
  • There a range of tools to help you create your own engaging images and graphics for your social media content.


12. Tell a Great Story

Instagram is flooded with subpar brand messaging that forgets the social network is meant to be a ‘visual inspiration platform’. You want to be able to captivate audiences through video or images, not simply preach marketing missives towards them.

To increase engagement rates, try becoming a visual storyteller, providing ‘micro-stories’ via your videos, Instagram Stories, profile and captions. Also, try sharing user-generated content that resonates with your company brand.

Certain companies like Airbnb, Red Bull and Nike are great places to find inspiration. They tell innovative, unique stories that captivate their audience and create further brand engagement.

Telling stories is not only a great new way to engage your audience, but it can also be fun for you and your social media manager to come up with exciting, creative ways to attract said engagement.


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