How to market your brand on social media during COVID-19

8 July 2020

When it comes to marketing your business when uncertainty is prevalent, it can be hard to navigate what direction to take.

Right now, the effects of COVID-19 are in full force, and we're feeling the impacts of a declining economy, shifting consumer behaviour and a lack of knowing what step to take next. But this is entirely normal – every business across every industry is experiencing change right now. The only thing that matters is how you choose to battle it.

One of the most significant factors in keeping afloat of a crisis like this is to market your business effectively on social media channels. Being able to reel in prospects, sales, conversions and audiences when the going is tough is a huge box to tick. If you do it correctly and put in the hard yards, though, the benefits are endless – and you'll enjoy them for the long-run too.

So how exactly do you promote your brand with social media during a pandemic like COVID-19?


Staying connected is vital

If you avoid keeping in touch with your brand’s biggest target communities, you’ll fall behind – and quickly.

Businesses that put in the effort now to keep up consistent contact with audiences – even if they’re not looking to invest in your brand right now – is the turning point in times of uncertainty. Remember that being a support network for your prospects can ultimately be the make or break of target audience loyalty, and you’ll come off far better than competitors if you choose to take this route.

Whether you gain actual revenue or an increase in profits during this time is not exactly clear-cut. But what we can guarantee you is that by spending more time and energy on your social media marketing during COVID-19, you will see benefits for months to come – if not years.

People are feeling unsettled and nervous. If you – as a brand – can provide comfort during this period, then that’s a huge opportunity to take advantage of. Connecting one community with another or helping your audience remain in touch with your little world, is highly important – don’t underestimate just how much power this can have.

Social media usage is up while lockdown continues

Did you know that platforms like Facebook are seeing a rise in usage, up 40 per cent while quarantine regulations have been in place? Even Instagram Live and Facebook Live have doubled user engagement in one week alone. Those numbers are enormous, and your brand can make use of them.

What’s crucial to understand, however, is that behaviour on these platforms isn’t what we’re used to. While usage is up, the way consumers are engaging with content has changed, so it’s important to keep this in mind when going about a COVID-19 social media strategy.

Below, we pinpoint some of the most notable aspects you’ll need to consider in the next few months.

How to use social media during COVID-19

So what exactly should you be posting right now? Everything and anything? Not exactly.

Right now is your biggest chance to be active and present. If you go quiet, any existing loyalty with your target audience will vanish, and you’ll be unable to reel in any new prospects. Be the light in the darkness and continue showing that you’re still alive and well (even if things aren’t so filled with rainbows and lollipops). Ultimately, perception is everything. 

Stopping your marketing or advertising could be the make or break of your business. Choosing radio silence over connecting with the isolated world might just be the key to failure for your brand, so think carefully about your motivations before pulling the plug on your campaigns.


Here are some factors to note down as you plan your next lot of posts:

  • The world is changing by the hour right now. What you may have planned to post in the next day might turn out to be irrelevant or outdated. Keep an eye on your stats, figures and words as headlines and circumstances change in the news.

  • Be a support system for your audience. If you can provide them with helpful information and comfort when they need it most, they’ll be more likely to convert in the future.

  • Remember no one knows what they’re doing. Not many of us have lived through a global pandemic on this scale, especially in the digital age. We’re all in unchartered territory, but a professional digital marketing specialist or social media expert can help you navigate these changing tides more effectively. This will also cut down on wasted spends and time.

  • Don’t ignore COVID-19. While everyone is posting about it, it’s important not to act like it doesn’t exist. Taking the opposite approach will only make it seem like your business is ignorant or oblivious to the current situation, and will force you to be out of touch with your audience.

  • Be careful about promotion. It seems unnatural to promote goods and services right now, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to do it more strategically and subtle. Don’t pressure your prospects into feeling like they need to invest when they aren’t exactly in the best position to do so. Be respectful.

  • Consistency is key. Continue posting and don’t stop, but don’t spam. Keep a healthy balance and flow happening and remain connected with the digital world. Participate in conversations and engage with those that engage with your brand. Do the work and reap the benefits.

  • Think creatively.  Now is the time to think outside the box and be more creative with how you offer your products or services to the world. Think about how features like live streaming can help you better engage with your communities.

  • Show empathy. Prove to your audience that you genuinely care about what’s going on. Everyone’s doing it tough, and it’s likely that you are too. Don’t skip over this.


Final thoughts

It’s a hard time to run a business right now but it doesn’t have to be as scary as it is all made out to be. Essentially, using digital marketing to power up your brand during this time is crucial, and channels like social media can make all the difference to how you succeed both now and in the future.

If you currently don’t have a strategy in place for your social media marketing, we highly recommend speaking to the Digital Eagles team for a no-obligation discussion on how we can help you get started. Don’t lose business in a landscape where opportunity still exists.

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