7 Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO NOW

23 July 2019

There is a huge amount of information (and misinformation) about SEO available online, and it can be very confusing to determine which SEO tactics are best to focus on.

In this article, we'll discuss a number of tactics you can use immediately for quick results while making a minimum investment.

1. Find Unlinked Mentions

It often happens that your business, product, or content is mentioned but there are no links back to you. Find any of these types of mentions and simply ask for a link to be added. This will probably get you a host of new backlinks.

If someone liked your content enough to mention it, chances are they won't have a problem linking to it. In many cases, it would even make sense to add a link from a user experience perspective.

There are two things you need to do to find those mentions:

1.2. Find mentions without links

Do an online search for common referral links, social media profiles and your brand name.

Check every single page you found and perform either of the following actions:

  • Check if your brand name is linked
  • If it is linked, promote it on social media! Use this opportunity to drive more visibility to pages mentioning your brand.

Make a list of all unlinked mentions you find and send the webmasters a short email identifying the page and asking for the link.

The search query we use for our clients is:

"brand name" OR brandname -inurl:brandname -intitle:brandname

This will limit search results to those pages that mention your brand name in the page body while including different ways your brand can be typed in:

Unlinked mentions in Google

You'll be surprised at how many responses you'll get.

1.3. Setup passive monitoring for mentions

The second step is to ensure that you're alerted every time you get an unlinked mention in the future.

There are many great social media monitoring tools available on the market. Buzzsumo is one of the better ones as it allows granular control over alerts. For brand mentions, it will for example tell you if the site does not link to yours.

Brand Mentions

You do however pay for Buzzsumo or Brand Mentions, so for those on a budget, Google Alerts can be used instead. All this means is that you'll have to check manually if a site links to yours or not.

Once you are alerted that you've been mentioned, do a manual check to see if the site already links to your page. Although your brand name will sometimes not be linked, there may well be a link elsewhere.

Don't forget to promote your linked mentions too!

2. Update Outdated Content

Find out what you already have by looking at content previously published and seeing where it ranks in Google's search results pages.

The easiest way to do this is through Google Search Console, formerly Webmaster Tools. Find pages that have not been updated in more than a year and are currently ranking on pages 2, 3 and 4 for targeted keywords.

When inside your Google Search Console dashboard, go to "Performance" section and activate "Position" metric:

Google Search Console positions


Once you know what these pages are, you need to update them by adding content. You can do this by either replacing outdated content with new data or a change in perspective, or by expanding the post to make it easier to digest, more useful and more detailed.

3. Get Your Content into Other Bloggers' Newsletters and Lists

If you can get featured on a "best of" industry list, you'll build both links and traffic. If you search for "weekly newsletter" or "best of" in your industry, the search results will show curated lists which includes outgoing links to the best quality content within a niche.

Best of SEO

Contact these content authors and present them with a link to your top content. Try to convince them that your site belongs in their post and is a good fit.

Also, regardless of the immediate result, continue building connections with them!

4. Get Included in Blog Roundups

Posts, where groups of influencers or experts answer specific questions, are known as roundups.

These posts are very good for you because they:

  • Introduce you to new audiences: There is a possibility that the author's followers will take a look at your site when you are mentioned in a roundup that is shared with followers, especially if your answer is interesting. You are less likely to gain traffic if there are many participants, but it will at least get you on the radar.
  • Help establish you as an authority: A roundup post imparts authority to websites by association. When you appear in experts' company, your authority is increased by proxy.
  • Allows you to obtain backlinks: The easiest benefit to get is to get backlinks from the site publishing the roundups.

Search Google for something like:

  • "experts on"
  • group interview
  • roundup


And see if you can be included.

Also include "Available for a quote" page on your site.

The nice thing about being featured is that once you appear in a couple blog roundups, you'll see bloggers approach you for a quote on a regular basis.

5. Get Your Internal Links in Order

A big part of a site leads and traffic usually comes from only a small portion of its total content.

This translates to people visiting only a few posts on a site. This is the 80/20 rule in action: Only about 20% of your site content delivers actual results.

Although you might not realize it, this creates a huge opportunity.

Create backlinks from the most visited pages to your less popular content, or better your "money pages". Content ranking on page 2 and 3 in Google can be boosted by adding internal links from pages ranking higher.


Further reading: How Internal Links Can Boost Your Search Strategy

We hope these easy tactics will get your site to the next level. As you can see they are all free and pretty straightforward. Good luck!

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