Getting Value from Conversion Rate Optimisation Services

5 February 2019

Could a CRO audit change your business? … Wait, let’s back up.

The traditional digital agency model in Australia is: SEO first, Adwords & Social Media second and everything else never.

From Melbourne to Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast over to Perth, that’s how it works here. Providing SEO services is an easy way to prove value, show ROI and get clients on your side. It’s cost-effective and builds strong businesses. This helps the agency scale very quickly, too.

But is this all your business needs? What’s missing from the equation?

What Result Are We After?

Too often agencies focus on the wrong part of the client engagement: keeping the client happy through customer service. Treating your customers well is an obvious and well-meaning intention but doesn’t solve the real issue. Clients sign up for marketing services to get a result not just be treated well while their campaign fails.

We can call it leads, traffic, sales, inquiries, or reach but at the end of the day, all businesses come to us for one thing: turn $1 into $2 or more. Every business exists to either make money or spend more of it in service of their mission.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) has a tremendous long-term benefit to your business. If you’re winning 4 of every 100 customers currently and we can get you up to just 6, you’ve grown your leads or eCommerce revenue by 50%! Success or failure in business can tip on much smaller margins and these gains last as long as your end consumer still appreciates your new design work.

The Value of Conversion Optimisation Services

So, why do agencies lean into SEO and away from important considerations like conversion rate and user experience?  It’s easier to rank a website than to learn and understand how it isn’t performing. It's also easier to explain SEO to most business owners. Also, very few agencies have an in-house CRO expert or web development team to support them. If you are guessing at conversion factors or working off a generic conversion optimisation checklist, you’re likely to be only a little better than the average client at understanding their customer’s wants.

A "good" conversion rate according to most experts, including Wordstream's Larry Kim, is “2.35% on average.”

This means over 97% of your traffic is unlikely to ever do what you want them to do. However, the top 25% of optimised sites gets over 5.3% conversion – nearly double! The top 10% of converting websites get over 11.4%! That’s almost five times as many conversions as an “average” website.

Now, add SEO into the equation. The average clickthrough for position 1 is almost 10x more than if you rank 8th on the page and almost 30x more than if you rank 11th (top of page 2.)

Just some simple math shows that if you’re 11th and getting 100 visitors on that keyword, you’ll convert 2-3. Your competitor who ranks #1 can get up to 10% conversion so he’s seeing 3000 visitors and converting 300. He’s converting three times as many sales as you get visitors. The difference in your business results will be MASSIVE.

Finding a Great Conversion Agency

You already have!

But seriously, what should you look for? Here are some popular questions for your conversion agency:

  • Is your agency data-driven or consumer psychology-driven?
  • What is the most important factor in CRO?
  • How do you choose what to optimise first?
  • What is the process for CRO?
  • How long will CRO take?

You will want a data-driven agency to show you where you currently stack up and then to show you again at the end how they’ve improved your conversion rate.

The most important factor to improve conversion is, ironically, consumer psychology. Understanding the mind of your consumer counts more than any strategy or tactic. If you can base improving your data around the customer’s mindset, you have the best of both worlds.

Generally, we want to optimise the pages with the most traffic but if they’re already converting above average, we would start elsewhere. The answer to this question is to ask more questions. You need to do your research before starting a CRO project or the results will be dismal.

The conversion optimisation process consists of several stages: discovery & goal setting, evaluation, a hypothesis of proposed changes, testing, reporting and making those changes permanent. CRO is an ongoing process, not something you “do” and forget about. How long it will take depends entirely on the traffic you’re receiving. For a website that gets 1000 visitors per day, it doesn’t take very long to see drastic changes. If you’re only getting 100 or fewer visitors, it will take much longer to scale up.


Ultimately, conversion optimisation is one of the biggest difference-makers for your website. It requires no extra marketing and just a bit of onsite work to produce stunning results. Using a CRO expert will cost money but you should see a great return with a high ROI.

Digital Eagles’ expert team has years of conversion optimisation experience and has repeatedly shown strong positive ROI on hundreds of CRO campaigns over the past 5 years. If we can help you with your own conversion optimisation, please let us know! We would love to send you a free CRO audit and see how we can help you get a lot more from your website.

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