Hiring a Shopify SEO Expert: What You Need to Know

Shopify store digtal marketing planning.
Shopify store digtal marketing planning.
Shopify store digtal marketing planning.

If you’re running a Shopify eCommerce store in Australia and looking to boost your online visibility, it can often pay dividends to get a little professional help. When you hire an experienced Shopify SEO expert in Australia, you will unlock your store’s full potential, drawing in more traffic, and, ultimately, driving sales.

But where do you start? Our specialists at Digital Eagles have compiled a list of everything you need to know to find and hire the best Shopify SEO expert suited to your online business needs.

Why Should You Prioritise Shopify SEO for Your Australian E-commerce Store?

Imagine your e-commerce store as a physical shop. You’d want it to be located where crowds of your potential customers are, right?

That’s where Shopify SEO comes in. It’s the digital equivalent of having your digital storefront in the best location possible – the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about getting your e-commerce store to show up across SERPs for various search terms providing serious traffic. This ensures that when someone types in relevant keywords, like “where to buy vegan cosmetics” or “Australian handmade clothes for sale”, your store stands as a viable option for their business. 

Now, here’s the thing: you need to understand how algorithms, indexing, keyword optimisation, and many other important factors work to climb to the top of SERPs. It gets even more complex when specific platforms like Shopify are involved and you need to handle a migration.

Hence, there is a need to hire a reliable Shopify SEO expert in Australia!

Unleashing Business Growth: The Perks of Hiring a Shopify SEO Expert

We can’t deny the impactful role a Shopify SEO expert plays in amplifying your e-commerce store’s visibility. Their adept skills and techniques can truly transform your business, leading you to new horizons of success online.

Let’s delve into some of the notable benefits of bringing such an expert aboard your business journey:

  • Swift Identification of SEO Weaknesses: One of the initial tasks Shopify SEO experts will take up is identifying any weaknesses in the current SEO practices. Their proficiencies let them swiftly spot holes in your current strategies, effectively bolstering the potential of your Shopify store. 
  • Shopify SEO Migration: If you need to bring your existing website over to Shopify, but don’t want to hinder your SEO performance, an expert can give you the best practices to get it done.
  • Customised SEO Strategy Development: There’s no one-size-fits-all in SEO. The expert creates strategies tailored specifically to your business model, helping drive traffic and making your store prominent in your target audience’s search results. 
  • Regular Monitoring and Optimisation: SEO is a continuous task, and any expert will regularly monitor your SEO performance, making tweaks and adjustments as necessary. They keep your Shopify store optimised up to the latest SEO standards. 
  • Deeper Keyword Research: Keywords drive e-commerce businesses. A Shopify SEO expert conducts a thorough keyword analysis linking your products to key terms that Australian consumers search for. 

Remember, scalability is key in e-commerce. By choosing to hire a Shopify SEO expert, you’re stepping towards an optimised, SEO-friendly store that caters to the Australian market’s needs.

Essential Traits to Look for When You Want to Hire a Shopify SEO Expert

Now you understand the significance of Shopify SEO experts for your e-commerce business, and you’re all set to hunt for the best of the best. Yet, as with any talent acquisition, identifying the star player isn’t always a walk in the park.

Here’s a look at the key traits you should look for in a Shopify expert for hire to take your Australian e-commerce store to the next level:

  • Proven Track Record: You don’t want to leave your SEO in the hands of a novice. Your Shopify expert should have a solid portfolio of previous SEO success stories. Check their client testimonials and case studies for evidence of their expertise and results.
  • Deep Understanding of Your Market: A Shopify SEO expert isn’t just a tech whiz – they’re also a marketing guru. They should have a fine-grained understanding of the Australian e-commerce market and your specific industry niche to craft an SEO strategy that hits the bullseye.
  • Technical Skills: A deep knowledge of SEO goes beyond keywords and content. It’s also about understanding the technical aspects, such as site architecture, mobile optimisation, and site speed. Your Shopify expert should be conversant with these technical components of SEO.
  • Communication Skills: SEO requires regular collaboration with your team to consistently achieve great results. So, look for someone with strong communication skills who can build a meaningful professional relationship with you and your team.
  • Transparency: Your Shopify SEO expert should be transparent in their strategies, techniques, and practices. They should keep you informed at every step of the process, helping you make sense of their efforts and the expected results.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an SEO Expert?

There should never be a set price when you would like to hire an SEO expert. For example, the price will naturally vary if you are simply hiring someone for extra support with a Shopify SEO migration versus having an ongoing partnership to boost your campaign.

Depending on whether you work with an agency or an individual, you will likely either fall into a service package or receive a custom quote based on the level of work outlined for the campaign.

Find a Shopify SEO Expert at Digital Eagles

At Digital Eagles, we work with countless e-commerce brands utilising the Shopify platform to improve their visibility on search engines. If you are looking to hire Shopify experts in Australia, speak with our team today to get started!

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