Google’s March 2024 Algorithm Update: What we know so far

An image showing Google's Core Update spelt out using blocks on a table.
An image showing Google's Core Update spelt out using blocks on a table.
An image showing Google's Core Update spelt out using blocks on a table.

Have you heard the buzz about Google’s latest update for March 2024? Well, if not, you’re in the right place because this update is a big deal for anyone who wants their website to shine in Google’s search results. Google has just announced a major core update along with some new rules to fight spam, and it’s all about making the internet a better place for users like you and me.

In a nutshell, Google wants to make sure that when someone searches for something, they get results that are actually helpful and not just pages filled with clickbait or low-quality content. So, they’ve tweaked their system to better recognise the good stuff – the content that’s genuinely useful and informative.

But that’s not all! Google is also cracking down on spam with some new policies. They’re targeting sneaky practices like buying old website names to take advantage of their reputation, creating tons of low-value pages just to trick the search engine and publishing content that’s more about manipulating search rankings than helping users.

This blog post is here to break down what all of this means for you – the business owner looking to make your mark online through SEO. We’re going to keep things simple and straight to the point, so you can understand how these changes might affect your website and what you can do about it. Let’s dive in and make sure your site is ready to shine in this new era of Google search!

Key information about the March 2024 Core Update

What’s New?

  • More Complex Algorithms: Google has introduced new signals to its core systems to prioritise helpful and informative content more effectively than ever before.
  • Rollout Period: This update will gradually take effect over about a month, so you might notice ranking changes during this time.
  • Emphasis on Quality: The focus is on rewarding content that is created for humans, not just for the sake of search engines.

Key Takeaways for Business Owners

  • Patience is Key: Rankings may fluctuate more than usual during the rollout period.
  • Focus on People-First Content: Ensure your website content genuinely answers your audience’s questions and provides value.

Google’s New Spam Policies

In tandem with the core update, Google introduced stringent spam policies to maintain the integrity of search results. Here’s what’s on the radar:

Expired Domain Abuse

  • What It Is: Buying old domains to leverage their past reputation for new, low-quality content.
  • Why It Matters: It’s a no-go for Google, aiming to ensure that domains provide value relevant to their current content.

Scaled Content Abuse

  • What It Is: Mass-producing content that doesn’t add real value to users, just to manipulate search rankings.
  • Why It Matters: Google wants content that helps users, not pages filled with irrelevant information.

Site Reputation Abuse

  • What It Is: Allowing third-party content that manipulates search rankings without oversight.
  • Why It Matters: Google expects site owners to monitor and ensure that all hosted content serves their audience’s interests.

Should I be concerned?

It’s highly unlikely that your business will be impacted by the Spam Update because it’s targeting a range of blackhat SEO techniques used by spammers. However, if you or your SEO Agency are using shady tactics to push your website up in search results, it’s possible that Google’s new spam policies could negatively impact you.

How Can Your Business Adapt?

Keep It Real

Create content with your audience in mind. Ask yourself if what you’re publishing will solve a problem or answer a question for your customers.

Quality Over Quantity

Resist the urge to churn out content just for the sake of it. Focus on crafting fewer, but more impactful, articles or blog posts that engage your target audience.

Stay Informed and Involved

Keep an eye on the content published on your website, especially if third parties are involved. Your website’s reputation is at stake, so make sure everything aligns with your brand’s standards.

Final Thoughts

Google’s March 2024 core and spam updates might seem daunting at first glance, but they’re really about encouraging best practices that many of you are likely already following: creating valuable content and building a trustworthy online presence.

By understanding these updates and adjusting your strategies accordingly, you can help your business website not only survive but thrive in Google’s evolving search landscape. Stay focused on delivering quality, and you’ll be in a great position to succeed.

How we can help

Feeling overwhelmed by Google’s latest updates or unsure how to adapt your SEO strategy? You’re not alone, and we’re here to help. Our team of SEO experts is ready to guide you through these changes and ensure your website not only meets Google’s new standards but stands out in the search results. 

Contact us today for a personalised SEO consultation and let’s work together to make your website shine. Don’t navigate the complex world of SEO on your own; let’s achieve great results together.

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