How to Succeed with Facebook Live

Example of someone watching facebook live on their mobile phone.
Example of someone watching facebook live on their mobile phone.
Example of someone watching facebook live on their mobile phone.

In the dynamic world of social media, Facebook continues to reign supreme. With 2 billion daily visitors, its reach dwarfs other platforms. Brands recognize this, leveraging Facebook’s immense audience to engage billions daily. And at the forefront of this engagement? Facebook Live.

Social media networks all have their special flare. Instagram has been an instant hit with a younger crowd that prefers a visual format.

Why use Facebook Live?

Facebook’s own metrics showcase its astounding reach, boasting 2 billion active users every single day. This isn’t about inactive profiles or sporadic monthly visits; it’s a daily engagement that dwarfs the likes of Twitter, which garners 336 million users per month.

While there’s plenty to admire about the innovative features of other social media platforms, the numbers speak for themselves. In the competitive social networking arena, Facebook continues to hold the lead, remaining an unrivalled powerhouse in digital engagement.

Here are some ways that Facebook Live can help you bolster your social media campaign:

  • Boost Engagement: Live videos on Facebook create a level of engagement that pre-recorded videos can’t match. They provide a unique opportunity for real-time interaction with your audience, making your brand more personal and relatable​​.
  • Brand Persona Development: Use Facebook Live to share personal experiences and industry insights, establishing your brand as a trustworthy authority. This transparency and authenticity are what today’s consumers crave​​.
  • Bypassing Ad Fatigue: With the rise in ad-blocker usage, traditional advertising is losing its edge. Facebook Live offers an engaging alternative that doesn’t feel like a traditional ad, aligning with consumer preferences for authentic content​​.

Examples of Brands Using Facebook Live Effectively

So, with Facebook Live now a major player in the digital marketing arena, which brands are really getting it right? There are numerous noteworthy examples out there, but a few stand out as personal favourites. These brands have not only embraced the platform’s capabilities but have also innovated in ways that truly resonate with their audiences.

Here are some great examples of brands utilising Facebook Live:


HelloFresh is one of a chain of expanding recipe home delivery services that give you everything you need to prepare fresh meals at home, even if you can’t cook.

They have some stick competition, with the number of box meal sites sitting the web with special offers and sponsorship deals. One way they are gaining a following is through their live cooking shows on Facebook.

hellofresh facebook live


Starbucks has been pretty active in video production for awhile. They are on YouTube, were one of the first on Instagram and they have regular Live and uploaded videos on their Facebook page.

More than just promoting products, they are into promoting messages that they stand for. For example, they recently had a video for National AIDS Day to help bring awareness to the disease.

starbucks facebook live


ASPCA does what it knows how to do best: save animals. They do that through a series of rescue videos and also adoption videos, which alert people of the animals in shelters in their area who are looking for forever homes.

They also highlight efforts towards expanding their reach so they can help even more of our precious creatures.

aspca facebook live


What companies are going public? Who is raising funding? What do top execs in the business world have to say? You can find out this and more on the Nasdaq video page, with both live and pre-recorded videos for your enjoyment.

nasdaq facebook live

Stadium College Basketball

Can’t get enough basketball? Well, how about watching live games scheduled to be shown exclusively on Facebook? Stadium College Basketball has it for you. If you’re a fan of the game, it will be irresistible.

stadium college basketball faebook live

What We Can Learn From These Brands’ Facebook Live Content

Looking at the above examples, we can see some strategies taking form. Facebook Live is a tool, like any other tool. But what we do with it is what makes all the difference. So, how do we convert the tactics of a large brand to fit the needs of a smaller one or even a startup?

There are a few lessons to be gleaned from these brands:

Know Your Audience

Consider HelloFresh’s strategy. They’re not chasing after professional chefs or college students on meal plans. Their focus is distinct: engaging couples, middle-class families, and busy professionals seeking quick, healthy meal solutions. Their Facebook Live content is tailored precisely to this demographic.

Engage With Influencers

Nasdaq takes a different approach. They could easily stick to straightforward financial updates. Instead, they bring in influencers from the finance world, making their content more engaging and authoritative.

Make The World Better

Starbucks goes beyond coffee in their messaging. Their commitment to fair wages, environmental sustainability, and educational incentives is evident in their videos. This not only strengthens their brand image but also resonates deeply with potential customers aligned with these values.

Tug On The Heart Strings

Stadium College Basketball offers something unique: exclusive access to live games, available only on Facebook. This strategy of exclusivity has garnered them a substantial following, proving its effectiveness.

Offer Exclusivity

Stadium College Basketball offers something unique: exclusive access to live games, available only on Facebook. This strategy of exclusivity has garnered them a substantial following, proving its effectiveness.

Our Top Tips for Using Facebook Live

Using Facebook Live effectively can significantly enhance your brand’s engagement and reach. Here are some essential tips to make the most out of your Facebook Live sessions:

  • Plan Your Content: While spontaneity is a part of live streaming, having a plan is crucial. Outline the key points you want to cover, decide on the format (Q&A, tutorial, interview, etc.), and set clear objectives for each session.
  • Test Your Setup: Before going live, test your internet connection, lighting, sound, and camera setup to ensure everything runs smoothly. Technical issues can distract from your message and frustrate viewers.
  • Promote Your Live Session: Let your audience know in advance when you’ll be going live. Use your other social media platforms, email newsletters, and Facebook itself to build anticipation and ensure a good turnout.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Facebook Live offers a unique opportunity to interact with your audience in real-time. Encourage viewers to submit questions and comments, and respond to them during the broadcast. This interaction fosters a deeper connection with your audience.
  • Keep It Authentic: One of the biggest appeals of live streaming is its authenticity. Be yourself and let your brand’s personality shine through. Authenticity builds trust and loyalty among your audience.
  • Use Eye-Catching Titles and Descriptions: Your video’s title and description are what draw viewers in. Make them engaging, informative, and reflective of the content you’ll be covering in your live session.
  • Consider the Length: The ideal length of a Facebook Live session varies, but generally, longer sessions (around 10-15 minutes) give your audience more time to join and engage. However, ensure that the content remains interesting and relevant throughout.
  • Encourage Viewers to Follow and Share: During your broadcast, remind viewers to follow your page and share the live video with their networks. This can significantly increase your reach.
  • Repurpose Your Live Content: After your live session, repurpose the content. You can edit and share highlights on your social media channels, create blog posts from the content, or even use it for marketing materials.
  • Analyze and Learn: After each Facebook Live session, review your analytics to understand what worked and what didn’t. Look at viewer numbers, engagement rates, and the times when most viewers were tuned in. Use these insights to improve your future live broadcasts.

Final Thoughts

Facebook Live stands as a dynamic and versatile platform, offering endless possibilities for brands to connect, engage, and grow their audience. Whether it’s through targeted content, influencer partnerships, championing causes, stirring emotions, or creating exclusivity, Facebook Live can be a game-changer for brands of all sizes.

Now, it’s your turn to elevate your brand’s narrative on Facebook Live. Begin by pinpointing your brand’s unique qualities, comprehending your audience’s needs, and contemplating innovative ways to captivate them. Authenticity and creativity are your allies in this journey.

Unsure where to start? That’s where we step in. Our team specializes in crafting bespoke social media strategies that resonate with your brand’s voice and audience. We’re here to guide you through every step of your Facebook Live journey, from conceptualization to execution. Reach out to us, and let’s collaborate to turn your vision into a compelling social media reality that captivates and grows your audience.

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