What Industries Benefit Most from Local SEO?

12 July 2017

Nearly every business can benefit from search engine optimisation (SEO). If you have a product or service to offer, that users are actively searching for. It doesn’t matter if that person is your potential customer, or an employee of another company; businesses need to make sure that their customers can find them when needed, and SEO makes that possible. With an effective SEO strategy in place, your potential customers can search for relevant terms in search engines that draw them towards your business.

While it’s true that SEO can be effective for almost every industry, we have found that certain industries can benefit from SEO more than others, potentially making it the most integral and lucrative part of their marketing campaigns.

Here are eight main industries that receive the highest ROI by utilising effective SEO solutions in their marketing strategies.

Professional Services

Your website is your online front door. Studies have shown that up to 80% of consumers research online before making a purchase or an investment. Consumers want to look at your website to view what services you provide and read reviews to determine the quality of your work. If your website doesn’t show up in the Google results, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your business. Often your business will not even be in consideration, remaining undiscoverable and unreachable.

Companies that provide professional services, including accountants, IT consultants, financial planners, brokers, coaches and many others will want to target prospects based on their location. People who want to improve a new or existing business with professional services will look for companies near their area, and local SEO practices can help companies reach their targeted audiences more efficiently.

Trades / Home Services / Renovations

Home repair, trades, builders and renovation services are also in need of local SEO solutions if they want to see an increase in leads. People in need of repairs or renovations of any kind will search locally for the closest businesses, which is why these businesses should target customers in their service areas with local SEO. For instance, if you run a kitchen renovation company in Narre Warren, Melbourne, and your website does not show up on the first page of Google for searches like “kitchen renovation Narre Warren, Melb” or “custom kitchen Narre Warren,” prospects searching those terms will be unable to find you.

Medical Practices

Dentists, doctors and others in the medical industry also provide local services that people will search for in their areas. Whether switching to new health insurance companies or experiencing a symptom that warrants a visit to a nearby doctors, there are many occasions when people will want to look for a local medical practice. If you have recently moved, or your family physician recently went out of business, it is likely that you will turn to Google to start your search. Local SEO can help ensure that people will locate you over other competitors.

Online Businesses

Online e-commerce businesses have no choice but to use SEO to get leads through search engines. Companies that solely maintain online stores don’t have a physical business to draw locals to, meaning that products are only marketable online through inbound and outbound strategies. If you want people to find your product, you have to expand your online presence as much as possible. SEO is highly important for a business’s success in these four industries, along with mobile optimisation, social media engagement, user-generated content, and more. Companies can get more quality leads through a complete SEO campaign that exposes them to potentially long-term customers.

Real Estate

The real estate industry gets a lot of online attention from people seeking new homes, apartments, or condos. SEO strategies are important for the real estate industry, from agents to the real estate companies themselves. There’s a particular emphasis on local SEO, with people searching for specific cities, towns, and even post codes for which businesses can optimise. People looking for specific types of real estate, such as certain home designs, can also find them with sufficiently optimised ads.


Businesses with locations in many different areas will want people to find each of them easily. An SEO campaign that covers each location in local search can make sure that customers find the right location near them. For example, businesses can advertise for specific deals at certain stores and optimise locally for them, and more successfully get the attention of people seeking those products or services in those areas.


Restaurants are also capable of taking advantage of SEO to greatly improve their business. People searching for a particular cuisine in a town near a restaurant location offering it can find what they want with ease. A complete SEO campaign will help your restaurant gain more visibility than competing venues, and potentially inspire more reviews from local customers, further influencing your online visibility. Customers are often looking for a local restaurant and more often than not are consulting reviews to help them make their decision. If you are an Italian Restaurant in Berwick then you want to make sure that you are claiming and optimising your Google Business Listing to gain access to reviews.

Pet Services

Businesses offering pet services can also benefit from local SEO campaigns. Pet owners often search for pet grooming, dog walking, animal hotels, and other pet services in their areas. For places offering these services, it’s important to make sure their online presence gives them an advantage over competitors.

While these are some of the key industries that can benefit largely from SEO, there are many others that could utilise current SEO practices to attract more target customers. In combination with other online marketing services such as social media management, blog writing, and local listing, SEO can help your business excel beyond online competitors.

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