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Australian website are all about traffic right? WRONG! Conversion Rate Optimisation allows you to convert your existing traffic better, meaning you get more value for the money you are spending on driving traffic. All website’s can be improved and through rigorous auditing and expert-driven testing, the team at Digital Eagles can improve your Lead Generation and Revenue conversion rates through sales psychology, user testing and technical analysis.

While there are plenty of ‘low-hanging fruit’ opportunities that you can easily make use of, it takes a team of professional conversion technicians to identify more complex areas of your site that can boost your business and leave competitors trailing behind you.



Keeler Hardware reached out to Digital Eagles for a 6 month CRO campaign to help improve their conversion rate and increase the number of online transactions they were getting. Through a full CRO audit, implementation and AB testing, Keeler Hardware achieved.


Increase in Ecommerce Conversion Rate


Increase in Online Transactions


Increase in Digital Revenue



You’d be forgiven for scratching your head at this phrase.

CRO is the systematic process of increasing website visitors possibility of converting to a particular goal on a website... In simple terms,

CRO = More Leads or More Sales!

Conversion Rate Optimization is an extremely valuable tool to have in your website’s back pocket as increasing traffic allows more users to see your product or service, but CRO directly impacts the rate in which your visitors invest in these making it a crucial portion of your digital marketing strategy.

Our CRO Process


This involves getting to know the business through an initial discovery meeting, reviewing Google Analytics data and setting up data tracking tools to get a holistic picture of the campaign.

Test & Analysis

Building out AB testing or Multivariate testing and updating trends throughout the process. The testing phase of our process can often be the most technical element of the campaign, so transparent and honest communication is vital.

Design Development

With said goal in mind, now is time to propose an alternative design that we can split test. Depending on the complexity of the campaign, there can be multiple designs with different influential conversion scopes.

Test & Analysis

Building out AB testing or Multivariate testing and updating trends throughout the process. The testing phase of our process can often be the most technical element of the campaign, so transparent and honest communication is vital.

Review Results

Once tested on a segment of traffic, we can analyse the results and supply an in-depth campaign breakdown to the client. This allows both parties to identify future conversion opportunities and analyse improvement in conversion metrics.


Using only the best Conversion Rate Optimisation tools, we can analyse, test and report on our campaigns in a timely and informative manner.


Based in the heart of Melbourne, our team of conversion experts aim to help you grow your conversion rates and maximise conversions. Through psychological and strategic optimisations on your website, we are able to improve user experience and behaviour flow to directly impact your businesses bottom line.


Looking for a reputable conversion rate optimisation service in Melbourne, Sydney or the wider Australian region? We offer a whole spread of services to help Australian businesses solidify their digital position and improve User Experience.

Chat to our team of conversion experts today.


What is CRO?

“CRO” or Conversion Rate Optimisation is defined as the process of increasing conversion percentages of website visitors into performing a desired action on a website. This could be generating leads, making a revenue based transaction, signing up to an email list and many more variations. Conversion Rate Optimisation combines psychological sales processes with technical analysis to create the best pathway for a conversion for your online visitors.

Conversion Rate Optimisation unlike SEO, Google Ads and social advertising focuses on improving the conversion of your existing traffic and doesn’t look to bring more traffic, which makes it a unique and often crucial part of a digital marketing strategy.

How does CRO work?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is done differently by all agencies and technicians who implement it, but the main 4 steps of any CRO campaign are:

  1. CRO Audit
  2. Hypothesis
  3. Design
  4. Testing

The reason these steps are taken is to assess what can be improved, to create a theory on how to improve conversion rates, creating a design to implement and then testing the results of the new design. This is where AB split testing and Multivariant testing occur and these tests outline how users are engaging with the new version of the website compared to the old website.

What should my Conversion Rate be?

This question is a tricky one to answer. The industry standard for Ecommerce websites is usually 2% Ecommerce Conversion Rate, but this can differ depending on your industry and product. For Lead Generation websites, you should be looking at a conversion rate of anywhere between 5% – 7%, but again this can all comes down to the types of traffic you are bringing to the website, the industry that you are in and your current conversion rate optimisation strategy.

Whatever your conversion rate is, the exciting thing is that all websites can be improved and there is always ways to improve your visitors user experience which can result in some big increases in conversions rates for your business.

Does CRO affect any of my other marketing channels?

No it doesn’t. CRO is a stand alone service that won’t increase or decrease website traffic, it will only have an impact on your conversion rates and the way in which your audience can achieve goals on the website.

If you are doing SEO, Social Media Advertising or Google Ads of any sort, CRO won’t touch these channels and has every chance of assisting them in improving their performance.

Why should I do CRO?

CRO = More Leads or More Revenue. It is as simple as that.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is often one of the more under-utilised digital marketing strategies being used by businesses in Australia and it can have huge financial benefits if performed by the right agency or team. If you are looking to increase the amount of leads or increase your online transactions without having to worry about traffic, CRO is a must for you.

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