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Our SEO and Content Audit is an end-to-end, extensive digital audit focused on the site’s technical SEO components. Here, we will comb through everything from the site’s back-end files to the keywords targeted, content produced and more. Each audit is custom-tailored based on your company’s individual goals and aspirations.

Below a taste of the the elements that we will audit and analyse.

1. Technical SEO

Analysing your robots.txt files and other mandatory elements, we’ll identify how your backend is performing for your site, and what could be further improved. Observe whether search engines are able to locate and index your pages or where roadblocks are stopping you from progressing.

Our comprehensive technical SEO audit includes the following:
  1. Loading speed
  2. Crawlability
  3. Content issues
  4. Meta tags
  5. HTTPS security protocols
  6. Internal linking
  7. JS and CSS errors
  8. AMP implementation


We’ll identify where your rankings sit and how your site is climbing the ladders of search results pages. Identify your high-volume keywords, low-hanging fruit and other opportunities that could see you land above your biggest competitors.


If you’re not sure how your website is correlating to your overall success, this component of our audit sheds all the light you need. See a low-down of the figures that matter most to your brand’s SEO efforts, including revenue, impact analysis, traffic increases, conversion rates and even lifetime value.


Your SEO can only deliver so much. If your website isn’t doing its best to impress and persuade users, you’re one big step behind your competitors. Our audit will observe how your platform is optimised for user experience, as well as pinpoint any opportunities you may have for better conversion rates.


Your words matter – how is your content performing for your business? See how your copy is tracking in terms of SEO rankings, backlink profiling, outreach, user engagement and more. Note where your words are making an impact and how it could be further improved. We’ll also highlight if any duplication errors occur, ensuring you’re not inadvertently hindering your success.


The psychology behind your website is more intricate and powerful than you may think. From colour palettes to button placement and readability, the way all of your design elements work together is one of the biggest factors in establishing online success. Our experts will notify you of any issues with your conversion optimisation, as well as user experience or site flow, ensuring you’re well on track to a high-performance platform.
Once we’ve run our eyes through your website, the Digital Eagles team will deliver you a holistic, comprehensive audit that shows you all the nitty-gritty details you need to know about garnering digital success.



Cross channel paid media advertising analysis
Reflecting the many advantages of paid media channels, this audit zooms in on your company’s current paid efforts. Exploring the likes of Google Shopping, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more, we’ll assess how your brand can create tangible, highly profitable opportunities on the world’s most powerful platforms. This audit includes:


Why do you need Google Shopping for your online store or e-commerce business? Google Shopping is one of the largest sources of traffic for many online stores. As Google continues to invest more into the shopping platform this provides more opportunities for business to sell directly from Google.

Increase your ROI, get more direct users, appear at the top of SERP’s, get purchase qualified traffic, increase your products reach and eliminate complex product bidding.


Our comprehensive technical PPC audit includes the following:
  1. Bid Management Strategy 
  2. Conversion Analysis 
  3. Top Performing Keywords 
  4. Display Audit 
  5. Reporting Review 
  6. Tracking Audit 
  7. Quality Score Review 
  8. Landing Page Speed CHeck 
  9. Copy Review 
  10. Keyword Analysis  


As we already know, shopping carts get abandoned all the time. For the most part, actually. The vast majority of shoppers (98%) will leave your site without buying anything at all. At least the first time they visit.
  1. Shoppers site navigation 
  2. Audience segmentation 
  3. Search terms 
  4. Audience intent 
  5. CRM data 
  6. Website visitors 
Are all ways that you can retarget your audience. If you haven’t got this setup, then let us help you get it up an running.


Our 6 step Social Media Audit will ensure that all of your social media channels are performing at the optimum level.
  1. Channel Performance Review 
  2. Content Review 
  3. Audience Insights 
  4. Competition Benchmark 
  5. Workflow Review 
  6. Company Goals Alignment 
A social media audit is a unique chance for a fresh start. By knowing precisely how your brand is performing on social media, you can save time, sweat, and tears with a social media strategy that really works.


Let our e-commerce team audit your amazon store. We will deep dive into your brand presence, impression share, product descriptions, keyword research, copywriting analysis, hidden keywords and much more..


When you audit YouTube channel metrics on a regular basis, some ideas for improving performance will reveal themselves immediately. Other metrics and trends may take some time to interpret. And sometimes you may find things you were never looking for. You never know until you look.

And More!

Your audit is specifically customised to suit the nature and flow of your brand, including all of your objectives, KPIs, goals and operational elements. Combining all of these tangents into a well-rounded view of paid media opportunities, your audit gives you the low-down on your brand’s most vital digital stepping stones.



Our 25+ page platform code audit will dissect your company’s website from top to bottom to uncover any issues which may be hindering performance outcomes.

We will then provide you with next step recommendations on how to address any existing issues that have been uncovered. The code audit is conducted by our award-winning team of eCommerce experts who have enhanced expertise with online stores and websites. Our expert team currently work with brands such as Harris Scarfe, Evolve Skateboards, Nissan and more.

What merchants can expect to see includes:
Server Audit
Specific Platform Audit
Performance Audit
Configuration Audit
Website Technical Review
After the audit is complete, you will receive a thorough summary and overview of our recommendations for elevating your company’s online performance.
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