What NOT To Do On Pinterest

1 March 2020

What NOT To Do On Pinterest (And How to Do Pinterest Marketing Right)

Though it has become a very popular tool, both personally and professionally, Pinterest is still something of an unknown component in the landscape of social media platforms.
Many people are not quite sure how it can be exploited to the best of its ability, or what applications are the most powerful when it comes to social marketing. Most of us have an opinion on the most effective way to use Pinterest but the opinions are not in agreement what other experts are saying
What others appear to agree on, however, it what not to do on the platform. In fact, following the usual guidelines on what Pinterest isn't used for may be more helpful than all of the different opinions on what it is.
These five are definitely the mistakes you want to avoid if Pinterest is going to be any good to you.

Pinterest Don'ts!

Don't Spam Your Content

Pinterest is a place for sharing, and you definitely want to post your original content on there often. But doing it too often is a quick way to get on user's bad sides. What you want is a good mix between sharing your original content, and sharing other people's content.
Pinterest isn't like Facebook or Twitter, which are predominantly self-focused platforms. It is a place to connect with others and find things you both have in common. You are pinning as much for others as for yourself, and showing appreciation to the community by liking and sharing their posted links.

Don't Go Crazy with Hashtags

Yes, Pinterest has adopted hashtags. Yes, a lot of sites are suggesting you use hashtag marketing. On Twitter, hashtags can work effectively for branding and tweetchats. But on Pinterest hashtags seldom make any difference.
It might be a controversial statement, but don't waste your time figuring out how Pinterest hashtags work. Better focus on high-quality content and consistency.

Don't Overindulge

Think of Pinterest as a superfood, like quinoa or avocadoes. It has many benefits but just like in life, too much of a good thing is always a bad thing.
Pins telling you what to do with your life will flood your feed, and it is too easy to get overwhelmed.
Pinterest a great way to learn and discover new things but it also makes it too hard to focus. So figure out what you need to fix, work on that, and then you can reward yourself with Pinterest.

How to Do Pinterest Marketing

Maintain a Consistent Posting Schedule

Having regular updates is needed if you want to grow, regardless of social media platform. This might make you feel pressured to post multiple pins every day but unless those updates are high quality there is no reason to go that far.
Instead, create a posting schedule that is easy to follow so your followers will always know when you will have new content up.
To make it more doable, add a daily task to your calendar to work on your Pinterest content 15-20 minutes a day, always at the same time of the day. Within a week or two, this will become a handy habit!
To make it easier for you:

  • Use tools like Canva or Snappa to build high-quality Pinterest-friendly content quickly and easily
  • Re-share other people's tweets to update your boards as well as build connections in your niche
  • Use ViralContentBee.com to discover high-quality Pinterest content on the topics of your interest (and get your content promoted too)

Pinterest has also started uploading native videos which would link directly to your site. I suggest going ahead and reusing your videos on Pinterest now. From running some test, it looks like Pinterest is ready to provide extra visibility and links in exchange for uploading native content.

Do Engage with Other Boards

Engaging is the key! It's how you build your following and connections.
It's best to keep an open line of communication to increase interest in your boards and drive more awareness to your online assets.
When you login to Pinterest to add a pin, make it a rule to check your notifications as well as scroll through your feed to like, comment and re-share your friends' content.
Becoming an active part of Pinterest groups within your niche is a great way to boost interactions and followers. It does require daily commitment but which social media marketing task doesn't?

Do Use Rich Markup on Your Site

Rich markup is the specific code that helps search engines and social media sites extract important information from search engines. Currently, we have three major rich coding initiatives:

  • Schema.org was introduced as the collaborative project among major search engines. Schema.org is what powers your site's rich snippets.
  • Open Graph is the rich code that is used by Facebook to generate more detailed updates when users are sharing a URL
  • Twitter Cards are used by Twitter to generate additional information below a tweet when it includes a URL

In recent years there have been a lot of steps for all the above types to be used interchangeably (for example, Facebook would use schema.org to extract key details to show in the update). At the very least your site needs to have both Schema.org and Twitter Cards for now.
On the bright side, Schema.org will also help you on Pinterest as it will generate so-called rich pins making them stand out in feeds and set the right expectations:


When social image site Pinterest was first launched, it was a game changer. We had already seen the growing power of digital content on the web, but this network took things to a whole new level. It changed the way we thought of interaction and engagement, and in many ways helped to redefine the idea of visual marketing.
These days Pinterest is an amazing tool for people who want to promote a website or a brand. It is also a great place to go just to foster a sense of community within any niche of interest you may have. But if you are going to make it work, follow our recommendations above!

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