The Digital Surge.

11 May 2020


Stuck at home during COVID-19.. No restaurants, no brunch at your local cafe, no movies at your local theatre.. So, what are we doing? Spending more time on the internet, watching more TV and connecting more with our streaming devices. However, we are seeing flat or even declining usage on mobile devices and now that we are all working, playing and also entertaining ourselves from home we are seeing huge spikes in Facebook, Netflix and YouTube traffic and usage, but mostly through desktop and larger screens.

Work, Life, Balance.. Is all done online.

As our offices have moved into our homes, nothing is having as profound impact on our lives as this change. School assignments, work meetings and general social connection is reliant on video conferencing facilities, online classrooms, video connection apps and collaboration tools. We have seen unprecedented usage in Zoom, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams & Google Hangouts.

Along with video conferencing tools, we have also seen an increase in phone applications used for social interaction, such as the popular “HouseParty” app that allows people to hold virtual parties, play games and still interact, even from isolation. This new trend seems to have expanded the ability for communication in a digital format and furthermore, it has changed the way we think about how we communicate and interact as a society.

Get used to it..

Now that employers have had more than 6 weeks with their staff working from home, schools have shown that they can still successfully teach remotely and people can still connect through technology, some of these trends are here to stay. The adoption of digital technology in your life is a fine balance, but now that we have seen industries pivot with huge success. e-commerce and online food delivery are the two industries that I believe will be the big winners. Grocery delivery has seen an increase in sales by 124% since the beginning of COVID-19. As you can see from the graph below for “Online Food Delivery” from Google Trends. 

Overall the entire e-commerce industry has seen huge growth. There are some obvious winners with Medical showing 500% increase in sales. But baby products, fitness and health all showing over 100% increases in sales. At Digital Eagles we are seeing similar trends with our e-commerce clients.

What does it all mean?

The digital surge has created a sense of digital reliance during these uncertain times, but our reliance will reduce as the virus becomes more controlled, although some of these trends will continue to remain in place. In Australia we are still seeing a lot of businesses do not have a digital strategy as some of the statistics indicate that as many as 95% of small to medium sized businesses do not have a digital marketing strategy. This seems to be a backwards approach to digital marketing as a huge portion of your potential clients are currently online and ready to interact and without a strategy, you are simply missing your biggest opportunity to communicate to them. Your customers are using the internet more than ever to research and buy, if you’re not there, then you can’t be found and that’s the bottom line. 


Thanks for reading.




Ryan Jenkins - CEO / Founder

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