How Positive Reviews Can Help Your SEO

20 January 2018

It’s no secret that glowing customer reviews can have a positive impact on your business. With more than 92% of consumers saying they actively check online reviews and 68% claiming they are more likely to trust a business if those reviews are positive, it’s clear that you’re more likely to convert if you have as many gold stars as possible next to your name.

Since customers overwhelmingly consider reviews to be an important factor in their search for a reliable service or product, so too do Search Engines. After all, sites like Google are committed to giving users the most relevant and helpful information possible – which means your reviews can really help or hinder your SEO.


So how does it work?

Usually, when people write reviews for your goods or services, they will naturally use keywords that are relevant to your business and your SEO strategy. For example, if you offer windshield services, your customers are likely to use words like ‘windshield replacement’ or ‘windshield repairs.’ This will boost the keywords on your website or page and give you a better shot at climbing the rankings. Positive reviews are highly esteemed by search engines such as Google, as they always want to offer users the best, most reliable information possible.


It’s important to remember that as customers search the internet for information on a particular product or service, they become more and more aware of what exactly they’re looking for. When you have positive reviews on your page, not only do they help your SEO but they play a pivotal role in converting visiting customers. After all, if a website visitor takes the time to read your reviews, they are most likely getting ready to make a purchase or get in contact – they are simply looking for the right company to put their trust in.


How to get your customers to notice your reviews

So, let’s say you have a wealth of incredible reviews sitting on your page – does this automatically mean you’re going to receive an influx of converted customers? Not necessarily.


More people are using mobile to search for goods and services than desktop computers, so the amount of time and space you have to capture someone’s attention on the first page of Google has significantly decreased. Users want to find the right business for their needs as quickly as possible, so they won’t be scrolling down the page to find something relevant. This is where reviews can be a great boost for your business, as Google often codes star ratings beneath your business name, catching the attention of those who want a quality service asap – which, in today’s world, is virtually everyone.


Improving your reputation with online reviews

As we mentioned earlier, Google loves online businesses who are given glowing reviews. When people trust your business, search engines do too, which is why you’ll find that your SEO begins to skyrocket when you begin focusing on getting those 5 stars.

On the back end, a good amount of positive reviews can lower your bounce rates as customers are far more likely to trust the opinion of a previous company than anything you write on your own website. Because of this, visitors will often stay longer on your site to check out more information and see whether they want to give you their business.


Prioritise your customer reviews

With all this in mind, it’s important to make the effort to get as many customer reviews as possible on your social media pages and websites. You can do this manually – simply by asking particular customers to quickly rate your business – or automatically, with emails that request feedback to be given.

Remember – a few great reviews can really transform the way people see your business. So make it a part of your strategy today to reap the benefits.

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