Our COVID Commitment

Digital Eagles are here for you during COVID-19

We know the times are tough right now; we’re all feeling the pressure and burden of an uncertain world. The ‘normality’ we used to know has shifted and Australians are constantly trying to shuffle their lives around to find where the new balance sits. In Victoria, this is even more polarising. Stage four restrictions are in place for metropolitan Melbourne, while regional Victoria deals with stage three.
The way we are living is no doubt one of the most challenging periods many of our younger generations have gone through, but we want you to know that we are here for you. While we don’t have all the answers to the burning questions around COVID-19, we can share
some light on how your business can access support from our team during these circumstances. We want you to know – from our experts to yours – that the team at Digital Eagles is working hard to ensure it’s business as normal. Or at least, ‘new normal’.
We’ve set up our operations to support employees as they continue to work from home under strict stage four guidelines. We’ve also worked hard to implement all safety and hygiene protocols within the office, up until the point of our forced onsite closure.
So for now, we may be busy working away in our home offices, pets in lap, but we’re here more than ever before to help your brand reach your goals. Remember that right now is the most important time than ever before to invest in ways to reach online audiences. Ecommerce shopping has exploded due to COVID-19’s impact, and brands are now forced to shift to digital models in order to keep services relevant.
This is a big move to make, yes, but you’re not alone. Our experts are ready and raring to go, helping you to move on and kickstart your potential, despite the times we’re living in. And if right now isn’t the most ideal time for you to leverage your online presence, remember that we are still here to support you however we can. We’re all in this together, and as we continue to abide by restrictions and follow rules in place, we can stop the spread together.
Ryan Jenkins
Founder and CEO of Digital Eagles
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