Keeler Hardware CRO Case Study 2019

7 January 2020


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Case Study: Keeler Hardware revenue increased by 47% through Conversion Rate Optimisation

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Keeler Hardware are one of the largest door hardware suppliers in Australia and have been growing rapidly for years now, so when they came to Digital Eagles and asked to improve on their traffic, it was a no brainer - But with a big year in 2019, they were also after an increase in revenue leading to finish off the year strong and maintain that momentum heading into 2020.

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The Digital Eagles team put together a comprehensive Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy to achieve the desired revenue boost and identified this as the easiest way to scale Keller Hardware's revenue going forward.

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The Goal

Keeler Hardware has been a client of Digital Eagles for a while now and their traffic campaign has been successful to date selling door handles and accessories online, but they wanted to finish 2019 with a big hit of revenue to end the year on a high. Keeler Hardware asked Digital Eagles to increase their revenue overall by 30% in the last 3 months of the year across all traffic sources.

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The Solution

Identifying Conversion Rate Optimisation as the quickest point of entry for Keeler Hardware to boost conversions, a conversion audit was undertaken covering 6 main areas:

  • Heuristic Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Heat Mapping / Mouse Tracking
  • Web Analytics Review
  • User Testing
  • Qualitative Surveying

By gathering crucial data from this audit, the team were able to gain actionable insights and form a hypothesis of how to improve the websites user experience and encourage more conversions. A list of major changes were provided which were signed off by the client.

After providing a new website design mock up which was approved, the team at Digital Eagles began AB split testing the website by sending 50% of the audience to the old website vs. 50% of the audience to the new website design and tracking the engagement and conversion metrics of each to crown a champion.


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Heat Mapping

Heatmaps are able to track where users have browsed on any given page of a website and can also record live videos of the user navigating the website. Using Hotjar heatmaps, we could see that a large portion of Keeler Hardware's traffic were using the search bar and not the menu navigation tabs, which made it obvious that users wanted to simply search for their items and not have to browse too deep into the website.


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By looking at this very clear trend in our heatmapping analysis, we were able to dive deeper into the analytics and find that visitors who used site search were converting at almost 3X the amount that the visitors who weren't using site search were. This meant that one of our big changes was to make the search bar more prominent and have a sticky function to follow users as they navigated through the entire website:


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Heuristic Analysis

Looking through some of the main friction points within the website, we found that the easiest win was to include payment icons on all of the product pages. This builds trust in an audience and makes ensures a level of safety when checking out and purchasing a product.

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By adding these payment icons and also asking the client to update their Unique Sales Propositions and place them prominently on the home page, we were able to elevate the user experience and allow users to really understand how Keeler Hardware differentiates themselves from the rest of the pack. All of this social proof makes it easier for a user to get over any conversion hurdles and helps them progress through to a transaction opportunity.

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The Results

The campaign was an extreme success as the team at Digital Eagles not only smashed the goal for Keeler Hardware, but they also improved on it even further and the uptick in conversion rate will carry on. At the end of the three months, Keeler Hardware had:

  • 34.43% increase in ecommerce conversion rate
  • 16.37 increase in average session duration
  • 32.97% increase in transactions
  • 47.91% increase in revenue

Review / Testimonial 

"I was skeptical on Conversion Rate Optimisation at first as I didn't understand how it would benefit my business. The team at Digital Eagles explained the process thoroughly and provided mock ups of their proposed work and business revenue is booming"

Khash Rahim, Director

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