From chef to digital: Why career 180s are okay

25 July 2019

At Digital Eagles, we’re all about celebrating our origins. We’ve come from far and wide, uniting our experience across multiple industries into who we are today. And we’re proud of that; we wouldn’t have gotten this far without the diverse skill sets and cultural experiences that we’ve got in tow.

So it’s only natural that we’re proud to see Sharon Dargaville flaunt her stuff in a recent Herald Sun article and collaboration with LinkedIn. As Head of Strategy at Digital Eagles, Sharon’s day-to-day antics sees her exploring new tactics and opportunities for clients of all walks of life. She’s the go-to girl for when you need a brand awareness explosion, but her experience with content marketing means she also has a knack for words. She’s a force to be reckoned with, just like the rest of our team.

But Sharon’s eyes weren’t always set on the digital marketing space. Originally surfing the tides on the Sunshine Coast, her passion once resided in cooking up tasty dishes throughout kitchens across the world. Spending her hours on the clock whipping up a storm, Sharon’s skill sets in hospitality grew, but her will to keep up with the extremely long hours and zero room for a social life began to grow thin.


Big decisions make way for big opportunities

Eventually, she put down the fry pan and swapped it out for a one-way ticket to Melbourne – switching out the surfboard (which she still keeps close on hand) for a snowboard and long black with a dash of milk in a Keep Cup from Hosier Lane. Soon, she found herself in the bustling surrounds of Richmond’s thriving culture – sounded by the most iconic hotspots in the postcode.

But leaving her passion as a chef behind, Sharon had a big decision to make; she was at a fork in the road for career. Luckily, she’s the kind of person you admire for spontaneity, quick thinking and the ability to get sh*t done.

It didn’t take long before she had a Bachelor in Marketing and a Masters in International Business, smashing away at her Macbook Pro to connect with industry experts in the field on LinkedIn and Facebook marketing. She kept doing that, gaining two international internships until she found the Nest.


Breathing new life into a career journey

Gearing up to celebrate her 31st birthday in August, Sharon’s got a keen eye on maintaining work-life balance – something Digital Eagles has allowed her to do from the get-go. Though she took up a love for cooking from a young age, like many of us, career paths and interests tend to change.

“They put so much pressure on you to figure it all out at the age of 17; I had no idea,” says Sharon. “In the hospitality industry, there’s also a lot of pressure to be constantly on the run.

“Small breaks – if any at all – on your feet for 16 hours straight; running around like a headless chook. It’s a tough game.”

But it’s that challenge that allowed Sharon to make the huge move to a new career path altogether. With tenacity under her belt, she was able to take on the hurdles of a completely new field, and keep afloat with the ever-evolving trends that come with it.

“It has certainly given me a good work ethic to transfer across into my current career. The benefits are endless. I love learning and growing with my current position. Our market is agile and constantly innovating.

“I am learning new things everyday and I'm lucky enough to have the most incredible boss who is so open to upskilling to suit my interest base.”


So what’s Sharon’s biggest lesson to date?

“It’s been a hard road. All those hard lessons have taught me what to do and what not to do in the future. It’s all about learning, no matter if it's positive or negative.

“Use it to drive you forward and hopefully you will never look back. I certainly didn’t!”


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