Email Marketing for Retail Businesses: 9 Easy Tips for Driving Traffic and Engagement through Email

29 May 2019

It’s 2019, and email marketing is still one of the most vital aspects of your business’s online marketing.

A recent eMarketer survey of small and mediums businesses found that 81 percent believe email marketing drives client acquisition and 80 percent believe it drives retention. Email’s effectiveness compared extremely well with organic searches at 62 percent for acquisition and 44 percent for retention.

These statistics indicate the imperative nature of email marketing. Furthermore, Litmus email analytics found that email marketing commands greater focus compared to social content. It also found that small and medium-sized businesses can receive open rates of over 20 per cent. This was in comparison to social media where the percentage of people who view your content pre-boost is now a minuscule 1-3 per cent.

It is obvious that email is still important to your digital marketing repertoire, so you should aim to get the most out of this medium.

Digital Eagles wants to see your email marketing lead to serious conversions, so we have put together nine simple tips for ensuring email marketing success.


1. Have Website Visitors Sign Up to Your Mailing List

If you haven’t yet begun capturing email addresses on your business site, now is the perfect time to start. You want to capture every page visitor, so create a compelling offer that will have visitors handing over their addresses.

Get inspired by what other retail businesses are doing to capture their visitors’ addresses. Some businesses will simplify the matter, asking their visitors to sign up to receive updates and offers. Other businesses might add an extra incentive by offering a discount to visitors who provide their emails.


2. In-Store Database Signup

Gathering email addresses in-store can add to the growth of your database. Print out some signup sheets and place them somewhere on your counter. This, hopefully, will have store visitors signing up to your mailing list. You can even place a tablet on the counter with a signup portal. This way you can have people easily sign up to your mailing list without having to manually enter what they would have written in pen.


3. Send Valuable Content

Now that you have expanded your email list, it’s time to start sending valuable content. Regardless of its size, you can start sending out quality content to your list. If you utilise the right tools, emails will only take a short period of time to build.

Many business owners make the mistake of only using their email to promote sales. Trust us, you want to expand on this. You want to add some company personality to your emails. Picture your emails in a way that you were chatting directly with a customer.

Share nice pictures, and if it works in context, advertise nice things they could purchase from your site. Ensure that you are providing valuable, worthwhile information, as well as a call to action to get people to visit your site.


4. Select the Right Type of Emails

You want to mix up your email content. Ensure you don’t limit your focus on one business aspect all the time. Test your different ideas and see what gains the most traction. Combine your message to really attain those useful clicks.

Good ideas include:

  • New Products: Plug new products and make your visitors excited to visit your store or head to your website. Try to spread these campaigns out, sending them when you have new products you really want your customers to see.

  • Promotions: If you are running a promotion, you simply have to email your subscribers about it. Create a stylish email and hit up your database, just don’t do it all the time as it might begin to frustrate your subscribers.
  • Newsletter: This is a simple email that updates your subscribers about any new happenings with your business. It’s an outstanding way to build customer relationships.
  • Social News: Using social media content within your email campaigns can be an effective way to show your customers what other people love at your store. These emails can also nudge customers into making that final purchase if they were a bit unsure whether to buy or not.
  • Product Reviews and Advice: As opposed to sending simple “Buy Now!” messages, you might find success with emails that promote the benefits of your product in a fun, appealing way. Combine these with customer reviews and you have the perfect formula for a soft sell.


Through mixing and matching, as well as creating an even spread of styles, you can analyse what types of emails your subscribers engage with the most. You can then use this information to personalise your emails and engage with those customers more directly.


5. Have Your Social Followers Sign Up

The simplest way for you to do this is to “tease your latest email newsletter on your Instagram story and provide a link in your bio where followers can sign up. MailChimp provides customers forms they can easily utilise and edit to acquire social sign ups.


6. Timing is Vital

Email timing can be rather tricky. For example, some people recommend sending emails in the middle of the week, from Tuesday to Thursday, avoiding Saturdays. Whereas other experts will suggest:

  • 8 pm Sundays being the most effective time for emails if targeting young parents.
  • 11 am is the best time for professionals. This is because professionals usually go on their lunch breaks at this time, and they will find your email at the top of their list.

Regardless, at the end of the day, the right time to email depends on the habits of your shoppers. Do your customers work at trade sites, in offices or from home? Do your emails ask for call enquiries, and if so do you send them out at times when your customers can call? You need to do a little research into your customer base and figure out what will be the most effective time to email them.


7. Email More Often

Despite having to be cautious of email times, you shouldn’t shy away from emailing your customers at least once a week (or every two weeks). The value of increasing your email send frequency will see greater success with this medium. You will see an increase in traffic to your website that you may not have experienced through irregular emails.


8. Optimise for Mobile

Nowadays, over half of emails are opened on mobile devices. This percentage is only set to increase as mobiles become the most popular method of internet browsing. Therefore, you have to be able to make your emails look amazing mobile devices and tablets, whilst still maintaining quality for computer screens.

If your emails render poorly on mobile devices, recipients will most likely delete them and unsubscribe from your email sending. Several companies offer customers platforms for creating mobile-friendly emails, allowing you to create a style that works for mobile, tablet and computer viewing.


9. Use Analytics to Track Behaviour

Website tracking snippets allow business owners to track users’ behaviour when they follow links from email or visit your website. Tools including Google Analytics help business owners make more sense of the data which you can then use to better segment and personalise your emails.

With the help of these customer insights and robust analytics, you can then go on to create more valuable content and higher conversions. As you dive further into the numbers, keep updated with some of the KPIs for an email campaign, including click-through rate, conversion rate and open rates. These will help you understand what’s working, and what needs more work.



Email marketing doesn’t have to be something to cause concern. Most elements of email marketing are simple aspects that require a little thought and planning to gain maximise effect. With a research and development you can easily your email marketing campaigns start to gain more traction. It just depends on who your customers are, when they are viewing emails and how they engage with your content.


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