Anthea Crawford Case Study 2020

Case Study: Anthea Crawford organic revenue increased by 48% & 834% ROAS on social retargeting.

Anthea Crawford has had a powerful influence on Australian Fashion scene since 1976 and have only in recent years taken a focus to grow their online store to accompany their large retail presence. Partnering with Digital Eagles was the first step into boosting online exposure for the brand and increasing revenue through a Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Advertising campaign.

The main focus for the campaign was to get a quick return on investment and to build on what was already a prominent brand in the market, but replicating that same authority online.

The Goal

To grow Anthea Crawford’s organic revenue by a minimum of 20% with in 6 months and to achieve at least a 200% return on ad spend through all social retargeting campaigns around specific sales. Both of these outputs combined will allow Anthea Crawford to grow at a rate where they can invest even more marketing budget into focussing further up the digital funnel. 

The Solution

After completing an SEO audit sitewide for Anthea Crawford, the team at Digital Eagles did On Page optimisations on over 800 pages and utilised Anthea Crawford’s existing website authority by creating a diversification strategy for the backlink profile along with updating some important content pieces on main target pages of the website.

By gathering crucial data from this audit, the team were able to gain actionable insights and form a hypothesis of how to improve the websites user experience and encourage more conversions. A list of major changes were provided which were signed off by the client.

After providing a new website design mock up which was approved, the team at Digital Eagles began AB split testing the website by sending 50% of the audience to the old website vs. 50% of the audience to the new website design and tracking the engagement and conversion metrics of each to crown a champion.

In terms of rankings, Anthea Crawford have improved by just under 1,000 positions for their wide range of keywords with 100+ keywords improving to the top 10 positions of Google searches. Brand keywords that were previously not indexed in Google are now all predominantly ranking in the #1 position and high volume/relevant keywords that produce quality organic traffic have been worked on to produce excellent results.

The result of the above work allowed Anthea Crawford to skyrocket their organic revenue by a whopping 48% which is producing record breaking numbers for their ecommerce store across 2019 and into 2020. The good quality traffic and increase in new visitors meant that Anthea Crawford could move away from relying on their existing client base and bring on new users to the website, who will also convert into ongoing customers.

Social Retargeting

Along with the ongoing social campaigns that Anthea Crawford has running, for specific events or sales, Digital Eagles were tasked with creating retargeting campaigns to improve the Return On Ad Spend for these specific dates. Leading up to the boxing day sales in Australia, Digital Eagles put together the strategy and campaign to get a 200%+ return on social retargeting and with a solid 20% discount on sale items and a well set up dynamic ad group, Digital Eagles were able to smash the originally proposed ROAS.

The Results

The campaign smashed all expectations – a combination of good creative, solid targeting and  some top level technical SEO implementation, Anthea Crawford received more than they bargained for:

  • 48.49% increase in organic revenue
  • 41.35% increase in organic transactions
  • 83.73% increase in social retargeting ROAS
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