Australian Home Brewing Case Study 2020

6 April 2020

Case Study: Australian Home Brewing Up 45% organic traffic, 42% organic revenue and 78% Ecommerce Conversion Rate in less than 12 months.

The Client

Founded in 1968, Australian Home Brewing is an extremely strong player in its niche and has had amazing retail success over the years. Providing home brewing supplies and accessories for many years has built up an great reputation for AHB, but in recent years they have decided to push their focus to an ecommerce store and developed a Neto ecommerce store that required a heavy migration and some optimisations from the outset.

After contacting Digital Eagles, it was addressed that Australian Home Brewing were after some steep digital growth and asked Digital Eagles from a multi-channel strategy that would produce the quickest Return On Investment. AHB outlined a minimum of 25% organic revenue growth and also wanted to see an increase in conversion rate through Conversion Rate Optimisation

The Goal

To grow Australian Home Brewing's organic revenue by a minimum of 25% with a 12 month campaign and to see a mega uptick in ecommerce conversion rate. By combining a conversion based strategy with organic growth, AHB are able to scale their online sales and start to depend less on their brick and mortar stores.

The Solution

SEO MIGRATION - The most important requirement to ensure this campaign ran smoothly was to migrate an old URL to the newly developed NETO website for Australian Home Brewing and this required a substantial amount of technical work in the backend of both websites to be able to migrate without dropping in rankings.

After completing the migration, the team at Digital Eagles performed an extensive audit of the website and made both on page and content recommendations to improve the strength of these pages for Google's algorithm. After completing On Page optimisations and pushing some fresh content live, Digital Eagle's put a huge amount of focus into some outreach links to improve the website authority.

CRO - With the website being so new, it was only at month 3 that the team at Digital Eagles had enough data to be able to complete a CRO audit and identify the best opportunities to increase conversions. Looking mostly at the Heuristic Analysis and running a site wide User Testing program to gather insights for user experience, Digital Eagles had enough information to put a hypothesis together.

After AB split testing for just over a month and ensuring that the campaign had Statistical Significance, Digital Eagles had opened up some roadblocks and improved the behaviour flow of the buying process to capture conversions more efficiently. 

The Results

The campaign was extremely successful with the original KPI's being blitzed from all angles:

  • 45.21% increase in organic traffic
  • 42.95% increase in organic revenue
  • 78.06% increase in ecommerce conversion rate
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