5 Easy Marketing Tools Every Business Should Be Using

30 October 2017

What if we told you that perfecting the marketing for your business doesn’t have to be hard or cost you a fortune? With so many easy-to-use and affordable tools available, your business can’t afford to ignore your marketing strategy any longer – because everyone else is taking note!

Don’t get left behind. Take a look at the top five marketing tools your business should be using and get started today!


If you’re active on social media (which you should be), Buzzsumo will be your best friend. It allows you to see what content works best for your industry or business, showing detailed information about how many people engage with certain topics. This is an awesome tool to use if you blog or create social media posts based on trending items, as it will allow you to expand your reach!


You know how we said you should be on social media? Well that’s true – but it can still be difficult. If you’re a small business owner strapped for time and not very savvy with a smartphone in your hand, navigating the world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be overwhelming. Hootsuite takes that complexity away by putting it all in one place, allowing you to schedule and monitor your networks seamlessly.


MailChimp is the biggest name in the email marketing game. It allows user to easily create email campaigns, build their subscription list and view detailed analytics – all for a very affordable price. And we mean seriously affordable. Their free account offers a wealth of features, so much that some small businesses won’t have to pay for a long time! It’s the best way to create and manage your campaigns like a complete pro – minus the part where you have to pay for a an actual professional to do it.

Google Analytics

Every successful marketing campaign has Google Analytics at its centre. Digital marketing agencies use it, big corporations use it, and so should you. It’s free and offers a comprehensive amount of information about people who visit your website. Although it may take some time to get your head around – there’s seriously a huge amount of statistics available – there are a wealth of tutorials online to help you get started. It will allow you to see what your campaign is doing right and what it could be doing better, so you’re no longer shooting in the dark.


Canva is another one of those online tools that allows you to create something that looks quite professional, even if you’re far from it. Every online business needs high-res, captivating images for their website, social media pages, email campaigns and ads, and Canva gives you the ability to create them without paying for expensive editing software. It is predominately free, with thousands of images, fonts and layouts that won’t cost you a cent. Look at any popular social media page nowadays – even the ones you would think have big budgets – and you’re likely to find something created on Canva. Because why would you spent thousands on software when you can get it for free?


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