3 Easy Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

24 October 2017

These days, everyone is trying to grow their mailing list. At the same time, people are becoming more and more aware of signing up to receive spam-like emails. No one wants to receive an email every day from a company they barely even remember. So how do you convince them to sign up?

While it might seem difficult, there are certainly a few tried and tested ways to grow your list of subscribers. The best part? These tactics don’t take a lot of time, energy or money – sometimes they’re even free!

Take a look at our top three suggestions…

Add a ‘sign up’ option to your Facebook page

This one won’t cost you a thing and will take you literally minutes to configure. If you have an active Facebook page with a good amount of engagement from your followers, it’s well worth adding the ‘sign up’ button to your profile. This button appears on your banner information and allows visitors to subscribe to your mailing list quickly and easily.

If you do this, it’s worth calling to attention in your social posts what you actually offer in your emails. Whether it’s special deals, exclusive information or information you can’t get elsewhere, few people will want to sign up if they have no idea what to expect. So, promote your newsletters and suggest that your following sign up to boost the length of your list.

Offer an opt-in incentive they just can’t refuse

So, we’ve mentioned those cynical-subscribers who avoid subscription email marketing like the plague. But even those people can be swayed with an offer that is simply too sweet to pass up. This will obviously depend on what your business is and what you offer, but it needs to be enticing.

Telling your visitors that you’ll send them monthly updates isn’t good enough. If they’re going to sign up, they want something worthwhile. If you’re an e-Commerce site, offer an exclusive subscriber-only discount or free shipping. If you provide services, send them a free eBook of information relevant to your industry. Whatever it is, make sure they want it – or they won’t subscribe!

Add a subscription pop-up to your site

Have you ever been on a website only to find that when you go to click the ‘close tab’ button, a pop-up suddenly appears. ‘Sign up to our mailing list!’ it says, often coupled with an opt-in incentive like the ones we discussed in the last point.

There are many different add-ons that offer these pop-ups nowadays, many of them allowing you to choose when you want the subscription form to appear. Along with the ability to pop up just before someone goes to exit the site, you can also prompt it to appear once someone has spent a certain amount of time on the site (most people recommend anywhere between 15-30 seconds). This type of disruptive tactic ensures the user is aware of your subscription list and, if done correctly, entices them to sign up.

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