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The Mission

Carew Counsel approach Digital Eagles in August 2019 to see if our team could help drive a stronger results from digital channels. Carew Counsel had been working with an agency before Digital Eagles, but hadn’t been able to scale out performance and maintain a strong cost per lead. 

Our Approach

Our approach with Carew Counsel was to help with an onsite optimisation to assist with driving organic rankings and traffic, so they could capture as many leads organically as possible. After seeing strong gains with local search we expanded out the campaign to some larger, higher volume search terms for specific services. The next phase was growth was to enhance the Google Ads performance.  Our strategy team layered Google Ads and Social Media Re-Targeting As you can see from the results, Carew Counsel are continuing to drive very strong growth. 

The Numbers

The numbers continue to climb both YoY and MoM. We are seeing record gains in all channels. 

  • PPC 233% Increase in Leads YoY (Google Ads) 
  • SEO 2841 Ranking Position Increases Overall SEO 
  • All Traffic has Increase 139% YoY 
  • 166% Increase in Total Leads YoY 
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